Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Let's start this entry with a question. What is The Fat Kid Inside?

The Fat Kid Inside is Erwan Heussaff's passion expressed through a website. The site celebrates and shares the passion, creativity, research, and hard work that fuel healthy cooking, eating and living.

What: The Fat Kid Inside x Team Manila launch
When: October 25, 2013
Where: Team Manila, Rockwell

To express The Fat Kid Inside's zeal for food, Team Manila had to come up with classic yet still modern-looking ideas to translate this collaboration into design and material.

Inspired by chalk typography to give that outdoor cafe feel, this line of apparel sets the mood to a relaxing and fulfilling day either outside or at home.

As for the illustrations, freehand drawings from old cookbooks were set into mind hence giving that nostalgic vibe making one miss the pleasant smell of grandma's cooking.

Now Erwan asks,
"Do you really deserve that donut?"

Whether you're a food fanatic or simply Erwan's fan, all I know is that you deserve to own at least a shirt or two from this limited edition collection by The Fat Kid Inside x Team Manila.

Men's Shirts
Ladies' Tops
Don't Bother Me It's My Cheat Day Php595 | Sometimes Healthy, Sometimes Fatty, Always Happy Php695
I wanna be a legit chef someday so I got myself these:
When In Doubt, Keep It Brown Php595 | When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ceviche Php595
Half Apron Php545
Also got to instax Erwan. Here's his set:

The Fat Kid Inside x Team Manila is definitely for every food fanatic out there. An expression of passion set into designs you can wear. This limited edition collection is now available in Team Manila stores nationwide.

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About The Fat Kid Inside x Team Manila
Erwan Heussaff went from weighing 260 pounds and eating a lot of junk food to losing 91 pounds and having an impressive finish at a recent triathlon. He did this not by taking shortcuts, but by being determined —doing his research, working hard, and having fun all at the same time.

Team Manila recognizes and shares the value of passion, creativity, research, hard work, and healthy and fun living. They want to spread these values to a wider audience by providing clothing and merchandise that celebrate and communicate these ideas.

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