UNIQLO today announces the October launch of a renewed lineup of fleece garments - the product that propelled the company’s growth. The line offers never before seen items, with designs and textures that transform fleece into a versatile and fashionable garment complementary to a range of settings and applications.

The new collection, URBAN FLEECE introduces fashion to fleece, with nine items for women in urban and refined designs, including jackets, coats, slacks, and T-shirts, all available in easy-to-coordinate black. The line emphasizes the relaxing feel and functionality of fleece, and offers cool, edgy, and refined designs, while a microfleece lining retains warmth.

The collection offers a range of variations in the material, representing the evolution of fleece. The pile fleece coat for women utilizes a shaggy, lambswool like boa material, while the hooded furry fleece coat offers a more casual look. The coat is available in two types, one with a soft and feminine fur-like fleece, and the other with small print patterns on the outer material, and a fur-feel inner lining. The line-up offers ten colors and patterns.

For men, responding to customer demand, UNIQLO offers a rich variation of vests. The lineup includes items with new types of fleece feel, such as the bulky fleece vest with a light and fluffy boa fleece, and the knit fleece vest, which resembles a lambswool sweater. Shaggy fleece bottoms also offer the relaxing sensation of being wrapped in a blanket, with the lip of the hem narrowed to prevent warm air from escaping around the feet.

UNIQLO fleece is defined by its color and pattern variations. In tribute to this, this season, along with its original lineup, UNIQLO is offering compact designs, created in collaboration with 10-Gruppen, a brand established in Stockholm in 1970 by a group of textile designers. Its brand designs, intended to bring high-quality fabrics with bold patterns into everyday life, reflect a modernist influence. Textiles with richly expressive patterns and vivid colors, together with a range of products based on these designs, are sold at the flagship store in Stockholm.

Check out how I wore this red jacket HERE.
UNIQLO first began selling fleece in 1994. The opening of UNIQLO’s Harajuku store in 1998 touched off an unprecedented fleece boom across Japan, and a material that previously had been marketed for outdoor activities became established as everyday wear, for everyone. Today, 19 years since launch, fleece is a part of daily life in fall/winter in Japan. Light and warm, fleece is washable at home, quick drying, and resistant to wrinkling. Transforming fleece from casual loungewear, now UNIQLO offers a broad range of fashionable items in this versatile material.

UNIQLO Fleece is available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide, price starts at P790.


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