Monday, November 25, 2013


Is pastel hair a thing? I know I've seen a couple of billboards along EDSA of retail giants with their models sporting pastel hair (and their latest collections, of course) in the past months thinking it's just for shock value. It made me look. I thought that was the achievement the statement was aiming for. Look.

When I think of pastel, I think Instagram-popular macarons. And clothes (the shade tends to make me look younger). Now pastel hair? If I was in a cosplay convention or better, Japan, then I guess it's alright.

Now, waking up this morning to "shocking" news at the AMA's (Kesha is not her "usual" self) has brought me the answer I'm looking for this post's opening question.
Photos from Just Jared
It's legit. Pastel hair is a thing.

SM City North EDSA and its partner brands from Watsons established that last November 16, 2013 via the We Love Pastel Fair.

Here are some photos from the launch:

Ayzee of Chilipina, Dominique Tiu and Alyssa Lapid
with Yehey's Alyssa and Chris of Pinoy Guy Guide
The event's host Kim Jones sporting pastel streaks.
Dominique Tiu and Alyssa Lapid too!
Kim Jones with the models sporting the hottest pastel hair looks this season
Brave enough to give the pastel hair trend a try? Head on to SM City North EDSA (until the end of this month only) and see what these participating brands can do to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a pastel popstar.

To get the full schedule of activities of SM City North EDSA's We Love Pastel campaign, click HERE. Or better yet, follow SM City North EDSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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