Wednesday, December 11, 2013


See where AXE can take you by being their Digital Ambassador!

AXE is looking for their 2014 Digital Ambassador and you might just be one of them!

Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity of reaping the ultimate experiences your generation would want to have cast in their resume (ALL FUNDED BY AXE*). Travel internationally, represent the brand at the hottest parties, even get published and be known online!
*During the Mission Phase, AXE will be financing the travel and party expenses the shortlisted people will need

On top of the fame, you will also get these as prizes if you emerge as one of the two winners (a boy and a girl): Samsung Ultrabook | Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | 5-Month Contract as an AXE Digital Ambassador, complete with a compensation package!

If you think you're that Digital Ambassador AXE is looking for, log on to and submit your entry. (CV Submission is until December 31, 2013 only)

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