The Brits. From books, clothing/style, movies and music (think Suede, Oasis, The Script), they're everywhere! I'm not complaining (I think they're the most charming people in the world). And then there's Burberry. The fragrance.

Inspired by live music and the black leather jacket, Brit Rhythm is the first fully-in-house fragrance of Burberry.
"Sexy and provocative, Brit Rhythm is inspired by the exhilaration and adrenaline of live music and the electric energy of the crowd." - Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer
Brit Rhythm for men has leathery accents which bring a timeless sexiness, linking it to the iconic black leather jacket and therefore to music and is inspired by the exhilaration and adrenaline of live music and the electric energy of the crowd. Feel the Brit Rhythm! Watch this video:

The Scent: A deep and sensual woody leather note of styrax and cedar under the spotlights of pulsating facets of basil verveina.

Top - Electric top notes of fresh basil verveina with spicy cardamom and a shot of juniper berries.
Basil Verveina. A green romantic scent with a striking dominant verbena note brings a natural raw liveliness to the fragrance. It brings a sensation of freedom, and pulsating energy, just like live music.

Heart - Adrenalised heart notes of black leather, heady patchouli and styrax resin.
Black Leather. Deep, woody, leathery accents that naturally derive a note with pungent characteristics. Reminiscent of leather goods often rendered from birch tar, leather styrax accord brings the timeless sexiness of the fragrance, like an iconic black leather jacket.

Base - Sexy base notes of Cedarwood vibrate with the incense and warm Tonka Bean.
Cedarwood. A distinctive spicy-resinous scent. Cedarwood is one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery. It is a sensual note bringing an intense vibration like a resonating sound across the entire fragrance.

Budget meter: SPLURGE!

Burberry Brit Rhythm retails at Php2,698 (30ml), Php3,498 (50ml) and Php4,698 (90ml) and is available at leading department stores nationwide.

The look? Pretty much the same as Michael Fassbender's in his GQ feature.

But not on a sunny backdrop, of course. Preferably onstage. Or not. Brit Rhythm will still give you that "rockstar" vibe.

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Now, can you smell the leather?


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