Monday, December 16, 2013


In my last #SinfulSunday post, I mentioned about food still being given as gifts for Christmas. This is what I was talking about.

Food is fussy enough as it is to be given away as gifts but it is also the safest way to be sure that the receiving end won't go "mad Santa" when he receives it. Everyone loves food! Right? For less hassle on the giver (you don't give food gifts stored in Tupperware anymore), try an already boxed or packed sweet items like these from Brownies! Unlimited.
Brownie Chips - Php65

With its new and improved flavors, Brownies! Unlimited costs Php25 and Php30 apiece.
Black & White | Coffee Crunch | Potato Strings | Kriss Kross
Red Velvet | Mississippi | S'mores | Walnut Swirl
Choc O' Chips | Rocky Road | Choc O' Malt | Sunburst
Brownies! Unlimited is also available in pre-assorted gift boxes!

Box of 4 - Php90
Php90 per box (Red Velvet | Choc O' Malt | Sunburst | Kriss Kross
Box of 6 - Php120
Rocky Road | Mississippi | Walnut Swirl | Potato Strings | Choc O' Chips | S'mores
Box of 10 - Php150
Two (2) pieces each : Black & White | Mississippi | Sunburst | Kriss Kross | Rocky Road
Box of 12 - Php220
One (1) piece each of all variants
Brownies! Unlimited is the Philippines' leading brownies and small pastries brand, with more than 50 branches nationwide.

Each batch is lovingly made by hand, using the best ingredients.

Make everyday a brownies day this holiday season! Share you tasty brownie moments with @BrowniesUnlimited on Facebook and Instagram and you could win 10 boxes of 12 for you and your friends! Use #BrowniesUnlimitedPH in your posts to earn more brownie points toward the big prize!

Good luck and have a Happy Brownie season!

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