Thursday, December 12, 2013


There are three things that I don't question Japan about:
3. Technology
2. Skincare & Beauty Products
1. Food

Hanamaruken is one of the reasons why Japanese food is on my top list. Why not? They have been serving ramen for over 30 years. They know their stuff.

Located at the 2nd level Garden Restaurants in Trinoma, Hanamaruken is a hidden Japanese gem of a restaurant just waiting for you to be discovered once the the ramen cravings strike.
Each Hanamaruken stores in Osaka has their own design, but all share the same expertise in meat and ramen.
Hanamaruken chefs are personally trained by founder Takaku Arakawa. This ensures the ramen tastes the same no matter where you eat it.
The place looks good right? And you know what else is? The food.

So good that it would be a waste just to stare at it. Wait, wait. That's your laptop's screen you're attacking now. Wait for the restaurant to open at 10am.
Edamame Php130
More Sides choices: Karaage Php220 | Gyoza Php150 | Chahan (Fried Rice) Php120
Rice Bowls
Drunk Man Rice Bowl Php240
Salaryman Chahan Php225
Happiness Rice Bowl Php250
Other Rice Bowl choices: Curry Chahan Php140 | Pot Belly Rice Bowl Php225

Curry Tan Tan Mien Php320

Signature Happiness Ramen Php480
was it "match-making"?
Other Ramen choices: Pot Belly Ramen Php380 | Spicy Tobanjan Ramen Php300 | Salary Man Ramen Php280 | Chasyu Ramen Php280

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  1. Love Hanamaruken's Happiness Ramen. It's one of my favorites.‎

  2. Once my wife and I tasted the first spoonful of the Happiness Ramen, we were totally captivated.