Sunday, December 1, 2013


Today is officially the start of the Christmas month so my answer is yes (refer to the question above). After all, the Philippines has the longest celebration of the holiday season so whether it's the 1st or the 25th, just the same -it's still Christmas. For all I know, some even started celebrating as early as September.
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So Christmas in the household came in late. We just started decorating today and the inspiration? My look. Really common in red, white and green.

But what really excites me this season of giving is the actual gift giving itself (I'm sure you are, too).

Thinking of what to give your laging puyat stylish friend/s this Christmas? Here's a suggestion:

The PR Guy Gift Guide #1 - Fly Shades Holiday Collection 2013 box set

The box set includes three (3) Fly Shades in classic and trendy (flash lens!) styles.
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Surprisingly, all three shades went perfectly well with my 'Modern Santa' look. I'm also crazy about this red fleece jacket from Uniqlo. So crazy that I got four (4) more in moss green, camouflage (blue and green) and a plaid/grey combo. Details:
Uniqlo pants | Uniqlo Fleece jacket | Thread 365 shirt
Wade lace-ups | Swatch watch
Watch out for more gift suggestions coming your way these coming days! I hope you had a good and restful Sunday.


  1. ang ga-ganda ng sunnies Paul!! :))

    Michael Macalos

  2. did you cop your pants just recenlty? ive been looking for these pair on 2 outlets already.