Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I'm not a basics kind of guy.
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But with Thread 365, I'll trade my blazers for their shirts anytime of the day. My body needs to get some air once in a while, you know.
Photos by Sara Black
It's also the perfect classic gift! I mean, come on! That very colorful top you gave away as a gift last Christmas will only get an exposure once.

Budget Meter: SAVE! Php795 for a 100% cotton shirt is not bad at all.

The best thing about the Thread 365 shirt is you can wear it any way you like and it will still look the same as the first time you wore it.

So why Thread 365? Watch this:

Comfort. It's everything.

A closer look,
Giordano jeans | Thread 365 buttoned shirt
Converse Chuck Taylors | Thread 365 shirt
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And for a limited time only, get three (3) Men's Crew neck tees for only Php1,995 (Scoop neck tees for the ladies). Avail of this bundle promo now! Order at http://thread365.com/.

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  1. You look so good in that first photo ;) Nice seeing you yesterday!