Sunday, December 29, 2013


My favorite iPhone accessory (not counting the cases since they're more of a necessity to the iPhone 5) would be the Olloclip. Why? Click HERE for a detailed review. But I must admit that using it (alone) is sometimes a pain in the ass. My iPhone 5's love affair with the floor was ignited because one day it just decided to slip away from my hands when I tried to do a super-quick installation of the Olloclip. You see, you have to remove first whatever's on your iPhone in order to use this accessory.

If you own an Olloclip, then the Olloclip Quick-Flip Case might be the next best thing to happen to your iPhone 5 since well, the Olloclip!

Kit contents:
iPhone 5 case | iPod Touch 5th Generation Adapter | Pro-Photo Adapter
Since I don't have any use for the iPod 5th Generation Adapter, I'll just divide this feature into two parts.

First, the Quick-Flip Case:

Install the case the same way you do with your regular iPhone cases;

For the Quick-Flip feature, just flip the upper/movable part of the case and slide your Olloclip in place. Easy as that.

Second part: The Pro-Photo Adapter

The Olloclip Quick-Flip Case comes with a Pro-Photo Adapter which feature portrait and landscape mounts.

Portait | Landscape
It also has a cold shoe for attaching lights, microphones, or other accessories.
Warning: Excessive motion could eject adapter
And that's it.

If you already own an Olloclip and has been religiously using it, then get yourself the Quick-Flip Case! After all, you already invested in the former so why not invest more? It's for your iPhone's sake, too.

The Olloclip Quick-Flip Case for iPhone5 retails at Php1,950 and is available wherever Olloclip is sold.

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