Saturday, December 28, 2013


As fancy as it may sound (any dish with Truffle is, usually), this is really easy to make. Affordable, too!

What you need:
Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Linguine Pasta, 500g
1 can Cream of Mushroom
1 can Whole Mushrooms, small; drained
1 can Nestle Cream, 300g
Olive Oil
6 cloves Garlic
4 Chicken breasts
Bunch of parsley
Truffle Oil too expensive for you? Then try Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Works and tastes like the real thing. Bought this 1/4 liter bottle (CIRIO) from Santis Delicatessen at around Php200 only.

Let's get started!

First, the chicken:
- With the skin removed, sprinkle salt and pepper
- Drizzle truffle oil
- Fry for 5 minutes each side in 2 tbsp olive oil; Set aside chicken
- Using the remaining oil, saute chopped chicken skin until it releases oil; Set aside in the pan
- Saute garlic; Then the mushrooms
- Add the cream of mushroom; Then the cream
- Mix; Bring to a boil
- Drizzle 2 tbsp truffle oil
- Sprinkle a generous amount of chopped parsley
- Put the pasta in making sure every strand is coated with the sauce
- Place a decent amount (good enough for 1 person) in a small bowl
- Place the chicken breast on top
- Sprinkle more parsley
- Drizzle some truffle oil (optional)
Pour yourself a glass of wine and "magic" your way to a 5 star (or 4, or 3) restaurant meal at the comfort of your home.

*Use truffle oil sparingly for less suya factor

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