Sunday, December 15, 2013


Is your heart "alone" this Christmas? With this recipe, now you can have lots of 'em! Break them, tear them, eat them and be happy!

But before anything else, let me show you how I made blueberry jam from scratch! (We will be using this later on the recipe)
What you need:
1 cup water | 1 cup sugar | 1 cup fresh blueberries
- Melt the sugar in boiling water making sure every bit is dissolved before putting the blueberries in
- Let it boil for 10 minutes and then simmer for another 10; Let it cool and set aside
Now for the heart (sorry, I just have to say it) of the recipe:
1 1/2 cup of water | 1 egg (medium) | 2 tbsps Olive oil | 2 cups pancake mix
Prepare the batter as directed; Pre-heat waffle iron* until it's ready to use; Brush some olive oil before pouring the batter on the waffle iron; Let it cook to a nice golden brown color; Trim the excess para maganda tingnan
*The waffle iron SHOULD be heart-shaped 'coz if not, then we're gonna rename this recipe to 'Bleeding Square Waffle' or worse, 'Bleeding Hotdog Waffle'.
As posted on Instagram,
"Ate some hearts this morning."
Put some more love by plating the hearts like this:

Stack the waffles; Make separate blueberry jam and strawberry jam swirls around the inner border of the plate

Pour some cream on one side of the stacked waffles (let it spill to create a puddle); place a cherry on top of the stack and another one at the puddle

Now why "bleeding hearts"? See that trickle of cherry juice running through the cream? There you go.

Here's another idea:
Make a waffle sandwich by putting cream on one waffle and spreading GnD Choco Cookie Butter on the other. Put them together and what you get? A perfect merienda/baon for your kid!

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

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