Sunday, December 22, 2013



And then some!

Nothing gets better than that.

What you need:
A pack of Oreo | Grahams crackers | Bite-size chocolate bars
GnD Spreads Choco Cookie Butter | Powdered sugar | Cinnamon
For the batter:
Oil for frying | 1 egg (medium) | Vanilla
Fresh milk | Pancake mix | Olive oil
Prepare the batter by mixing the ingredients (1 cup pancake mix | egg | 1 tsp vanilla | 1/2 cup fresh milk | 1 tsbp olive oil) in a deep bowl.

Time for some deep-frying action!
- Prepare the cookies (spread the choco cookie butter on the Grahams cracker and make a sandwich
- Coat the cookies evenly with the batter mix
- Deep fry the coated cookies
- Once it turns to golden brown, flip the other side
- It's the Grahams cracker sandwich turn
- And then some! Bite-size chocolate bars for that sweet surprise
And it's done!
Can be eaten as it is.
For a more Christmassy feel,
- Cool for a few minutes
- Plate 2 Oreo, 2 Graham Sandwich and 1 chocolate bar together
- Dust with powdered sugar...
- ...and a little bit of Cinnamon
Try serving this to the kids and watch them go crazy while the adults are busy preparing for the big Noche Buena. Only a couple more days before Christmas everyone!

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