Monday, January 20, 2014


It's easy to get lost in Tomas Morato's sea of food joints and what-nots. For food enthusiasts (like me), it's also easy to spot a "good" restaurant when you see one.

If you're always on the lookout for something new, I know just the place for you to try the next time you're at the area.

Located at 85 Scout Fuentebella (about a block away from Tomas Morato) is Tiago.

Operating on the simple idea of giving its diners the total Filipino food experience, Tiago's charm also lies on its rustic, cozy interior with skylight and pocket garden (not pictured), and even a nook for more intimate dining.

Electric fan —tatak standard, tibay standard.
True to the adage "looks can be deceiving," Tiago's food choices will overwhelm the taste buds in an unexpected way.

The twist is in the preparation.

The dishes are all concocted using progressive cooking techniques (hence, Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine), and sauces and side dishes or salads always accompany the main fare.

What we had when my friends and I dined there one night:
Inihaw na Tilapia with Burong Hipon wrapped in Mustasa Leaves | Tokwa's Baboy (breaded tofu and pig's ears)
Bistek Pancit | Pinausukang Chicken and Pork Adobo
The menu is a showcase not only of flavorful Filipino food, but also of how Filipinos eat. Always with rice complete.
Stuffed Pechay | Sweet Corn Shake
Leche Flan | Breaded Suman with Tablea Chocolate and Mango Slices
The dinner also served as a surprise celebration of my being nominated to last year's Preview Virtual Style Awards.

And speaking of Preview and nominations, I'm nominated again (shameless plug here)! This time under the Best of 2013 Blogger.
You can vote for me HERE. Thank you very much.
Now back to Tiago.

Owned by David John Buendia, Sigrid Aragona-Buendia, and multi-awarded chef, Kenneth Villaluz, Tiago was named after the Buendia's firstborn son, Santiago.

To know more about Tiago, click on the photos below:

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