Thursday, February 13, 2014


Let's talk about something else other than my love life.

I'm a crammer.

It was just this week's Tuesday when I had a talk at DLSU with Dominique Tiu (will talk about the experience soon) and on that same day, pitched for a brand. Oh, about the cramming part, I made my decks that morning. In the car. While on my way to the school.

Yesterday was nothing different. Finished my presentation for a product launch while I'm on my way to the client's office.

It's bad, I know. Same thing as giving a special someone something for Valentine's. If it's something you haven't thought about well, then it's probably not that special.

Lucky for you, Brownies! Unlimited is here to save the Valentine's Day!

Choose from any of these three Vday treats to give to your girl and come out as the sweetest guy in the world!
Fudge Cake Php250
Sweetheart Php55/piece
Valentine Cupcake Php45/piece
The Brownies! Unlimited Valentine treats is available in all Brownies! Unlimited branches until February 28, 2014 only.

Since I don't have a date tomorrow, will you be mine? Brownies! Unlimited and I have a special treat for you.

1. Follow @browniesunlimited on Instagram
2. Follow @paultheprguy on Instagram
3. Regram this poster with the caption, "I want to win the Vday goodies that @browniesunlimited is giving away so I can share it with my loved ones! #PaulthePRGuyXBrowniesUnlimited
4. Tag three of your friends in the regrammed photo.
Contest is until February 27, 2014 only.
I'll be choosing the winner randomly from those who uses my hashtag on February 28, 2014.

Your prize will be sent on the first week of March.

Sweet luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

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