It's nice to know that more and more Filipinos are becoming wise consumers by choosing the eco-friendly lifestyle in using products that are organic. It's also nice to know that what was once only accessible abroad, is now available and produced locally in the Philippines. I'm talking about 100% organic skincare products here —Ysabel's Daughter. (Let me pre-empt that these products are men-friendly. It won't make you smell like a girl after using it.)
Ysabel's Daughter at the opening of the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, last January 29, 2014.
Ysabel's Daughter is a story about Christina Cruz or Coty, who started her own line of bath and body products that are preservative-free, toxic chemicals-free, and cruelty-free. She was inspired by her husband Ricky, who decided to start his own backyard bee colony given all the wonderful natural benefits of raw and unfiltered honey. The bees in their care generated honey so premium, it inspired her to create a bath and body line using this wonderful ingredient. Also, in her desire to give only the best to her family just like how her mother did, she challenged herself to come up with an entire line of bath and body products which uses the finest, natural raw materials gathered from around the world mixed into gentle creams, soothing lotions, and luscious scrubs with generous portions on essential ingredients.

Aside from honey, Ysabel's Daughter —Coty, also use top-notch raw materials like Jojoba Oil, Carnitine, Fine Green Luffa Shreds, Moringa, Green Tea, Walnut Scrubs, Essential Oils, L-Arginine, Olives, Lemons, Oranges, Walnut, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, CoQ10, Algae Extract and many more in her bath and body line.

Best of all, Ysabel's Daughter uses no preservatives or toxic chemicals which are sadly, prevalent in many commercially available beauty products.

Check out the complete bath and body line!

Moringa Body Wash With Walnut (Orange) Php995 (250g)
Moringa Body Wash with Luffa (Lemon) Php1,080 (250g) | Moringa Body Wash (Peppermint) Php980 (250g)
Face & Body Walnut Scrub (Olive) Php965 (150g); Php420 (30g) | Face & Body Luffa Scrub (Orange) Php1,060 (150g); Php450 (30g)
Firming Lotion (Lemon) Php1,200 (285ml) | Positively Ageless Lotion (Olive) Php995 (285ml)

Finally, Ysabel's Daughter doesn't only aim to make Filipinos feel beautiful, it also wants to give back to the community. The fairly new formed company has been supporting and contributing to causes of various foundations around the country.

"We believe in setting aside a portion of our income to benefit children in need of education and placing them in schools that provide the proper schooling that they deserve," Coty shares.
Ysabel's Daughter is available online on www.ysabelsdaughter.com and at the Ysabel's Daughter kiosk at the upper ground level, Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.

Follow Ysabel's Daughter on Facebook/ysabelsdaughter.


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