Last month was love, now it's graduation season! Oh, how time flies. To those guys graduating, have you thought of what to wear under your academic dress? If I've worn a different kind of pants, I'd definitely suggest this look. Layer like a Yale kid!
21Men button down shirt
Basic House sweater
Topman jogger pants
Fred Perry shoes

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Photos by Glenn of Fujifilm
Now that school's done (aren't you glad it's over?), what's next? Landing that dream job of yours, of course! Here are some things that might just help you secure it.

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1. Timepiece - a good (and working) watch will not only help you manage your time but also, gives the impression of how you value time, itself, as a person. For the ladies and the gents, timepieces should not look intimidating as the company's CEO's you're applying for. Ladies, go for something class and elegant. For the guys, now that's a different thing. I'd definitely recommend something youthful yet classic at the same time.
Cherie Paris Women's Watch | Kolber Stainless Steel Bracelet Round Dial Ladies Watch
Timex Men's Watch | Versus Men's Watch
2. Bag - I personally don't like seeing people carrying brown envelopes around the metro while job hunting so a classic looking and spacious bag is vital to keep your whole look clean and organized. For the ladies, keep your Pradas and LVs at home. They will get their own exposure in time once you secure the job.
3. Entertainment - Let's admit it. Waiting for your turn on the chopping block aka interview, sucks. To kill boredom, I suggest a fully-charged MP3 player with a really, really good (and positive!) playlist coupled with a simple pair of earphones. Don't ever think of lugging around a PSP and your Beats by Dre's! Remember: You're not a student anymore.
Anna Bananna Heather Tote Bag (Punk Blue) | Chelsi Leathershop Harlie Sling Bag (Black Yama)
Mini Metal Clip MP3 Player | Moving Coil Earphone (White)
4. Scent - Your look is not complete without putting on one. When putting on a scent, you have to take note that the key is to charm people and not overwhelm. A light and refreshing scent like the latest Summer edition of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and CK One are good choices.
5. Vitamin Supplements - Looking sleepy during an interview can be deduced as disinterest so a good night's sleep before one plus a healthy dose of Vitamin C will help perk things up! Also, a good skin will help you boost your confidence so don't forget to take your Vitamin Es, too.
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Summer | Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2013
Kirkland Vitamin E 400 I.U. | Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000mg
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