Sunday, May 4, 2014


We're now on Week 3 of the #WranglerSunChaser challenge and I must say that things are getting a bit challenging. Have you seen this entry of mine by the way?

I seldom do "topless" on Instagram but for last week's #StayCool challenge, I just have to bring out the big guns (or lack thereof -lol) in order for me to keep up with the awesome entries! Sadly, nudity was not part of the criteria. I didn't win. Haha.

Now for this week, the theme is #KeepGoing.
We leave in the morning, and stay out until the last ray of the sunlight leaves us. Being a true adventurer is the best full-time job out there! This week, don't look back, keep going to the very end and be rewarded with the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen.
This week's winner will again, receive Php8,000 worth of Wrangler cash vouchers and the chance to win the grand prize: A round-trip ticket with accommodation to the country of choice!

For more information, go to or follow Wrangler Philippines on Facebook!

Don't forget to include the following hashtags to qualify: #WranglerSunChaser #Philippines

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