Wednesday, June 25, 2014


A watch is the best excuse of a guy to accessorize that's why it's ok to own a lot. But if you're wiser, get one that's versatile enough to be worn from day...
YOT watch
Uniqlo shirt
Freshgear jeans
New Balance sneakers
SM Accessories bag
HYPE on Lookbook
to night. Both watches featured here are different I know, but you get the idea.
YOT watch
Topman bomber jacket
Forever 21 shirt
Giordano chinos
Call It Spring boots
HYPE on Lookbook
Now this is what I'm talking about!
Your Own Time (Y.O.T.) can take you from day...

…to night! Just change the bezel and you get a totally different looking watch! This one's the  Multifunction.

Here's another one which is a personal favorite of mine, the New Digital. You can take it from night...

…to day,

and vice versa.

Any time of the day...

…in any mood. It's that versatile!

Your Own Time (Y.O.T.) reflects the colorful and playful vibe of Brazil; perfect for the young and fashion-forward.
Launched in 2009 by Magnum Group in Sao Paulo, Brazil
It's a unique concept which features fully interchangeable parts made with high-quality materials.
Called CHAMPION in Brazil but Your Own Time (Y.O.T.) outside its home country
The product line includes the Monocolor, Multicolor, Crystal, Digital, Multifunction, New Digital, New Analogue and the accessories (see below).
No. 1 selling watch brand in Brazil (over 4.5 million units sold)
1 watch, millions of possibilities.
Opened its first store in Manila last March 2013 by Retail Operators Inc., the exclusive distributor in the Philippines
I'm eyeing this one for my next Y.O.T. purchase.
Watches price range: Php3,900 - Php6,200
Get your own Y.O.T watch now at these following stores!

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