Monday, July 7, 2014


Men who smell good automatically become attractive, that's a fact. What more if he's got the confidence, the brawns, the style and the class —that is what an Axe Gold Man is.

One man gets to fast forward the life of an AXE GOLD MAN in a spray! The latest model of Volkswagen beetle,

a condominium unit and a trip to Las Vegas will all be his by joining the AXE GOLD PASS challenge. 

Get a chance to live the Gold life! Here's how:

All men who are at least 18 years old that live in the Philippines may submit their entries by liking the Axe Philippines Facebook Page. They should click on the Axe Gold Pass application tab ( and fill up the form found on the same page.

The form also includes the Axe temptation manufacturing code found at the bottom of an Axe product.

1 like, 1 vote.

After signing up, one man is entitled to one entry which shall generate votes through his Facebook friends. They have to like the page first and then click on “vote for a friend,” afterwards a page with a list of entries will appear.
The first 400 contestants who would get the most votes will be notified by Axe and shall qualify for the next round.

Good luck fellas!

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