Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"Is Style Origin the new Philippine Fashion Week?" a friend posted on Facebook.

Of course, I liked his status, but fought the urge to comment "Yes!".

Going back to the question, Style Origin might be the new Philippine Fashion Week. Let's investigate!

A big brand as a presentor. Check.

Systema Tooth & Gum Care
Local designers. Check.

But wait, there's more!

Herbert Custodio
Yvonne Quisumbing | Nixon Marquez | Sassa Jimenez | Ulysses King
Vittorio Barba | Ziggy Savella | Tonichi Nocom
Anthony Ramirez | Noel Crisostomo | Renan Pacson | Bang Pineda
Gian Romano | M Barretto | Do Se
Jeffrey Rogador
Salad Day | Jaggy Glarino | Proudrace | Avel Bacudio
Norman Noriega | Ivar Aseron | Regine Dulay
Krue | Joel Escober | JMan
Chris Diaz | Jerome Ang | Dennis Lustico
Joey Samson
But of course, it wouldn't be #StyleOrigin without a celebrity walking (same as PFW)...
Enchong Dee in Joey Samson
…and performing! Making #StyleOrigin a unique fashion event on its own.
Enchong Dee in Jeffrey Rogador
The best thing about Style Origin is that it makes fashion and local designers more accessible in the sense that it's being showcased publicly and in a venue teeming with appreciative people —pretty much like the crowd at Fairview Terraces.

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Watch out for my 2nd Day coverage of #StyleOrigin at Fairview Terraces. Up next!

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