I have oily skin. I couldn't even believe it but that's a fact the dermatologist at Belo (Trinoma) told me when I came in for a skin assessment courtesy of ZO Skin Health.

Another fact: I sometimes use the magic of Photoshop to make my skin look clearer (die zits! die!) on my Lookbook posts. But after a month of using ZO Skin Health, this is what my skin looks like now.
Filtered, yes, but not Photoshopped.
So, how do you get started with ZO Skin Health?

Consult a dermatologist first. I had mine with one of ZO Skin Health's top partner derma clinics, Belo. They customized a ZO kit fit for my oily skin. They also recommended regular facial cleaning (which I always do) to experience the optimum result of the whole ZO skin transformation.

So this is my morning and night ZO Skin Health regimen...
But first step, my favorite part, is to soak the CEBATROL Oil Control Pads with the CEBATROL Oil Control Solution.
Tip: Cut the Oil Control Pads in half for it to last 2 months.
Here's my morning routine:
OILACLEANSE - Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin
CEBATROL - Oil Control Solution
MELAMIN - Skin Bleaching & Correcting Creme
GLYCOGENT - Exfoliation Accelerator
OCLIPSE - Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 UVA/UVB Protection
And before sleeping:
OILACLEANSE - Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin
CEBATROL - Oil Control Solution
MELAMIX - Skin Lightener & Blending Creme mixed with
Belo Age Defying Cream
Is ZO Skin Health for you? Consult a dermatologist, first. Honestly, I had my hesitations. I've been told that I will experience redness and peeling (deal-breakers since I can't stay put at home) but based on experience, I think it's a case to case basis depending on the condition of one's skin. For instance, if you're experiencing a severe acne condition, a little redness and peeling is nothing compared to the good ZO Skin Health will do for you.

ZO Skin Health is an investment, too. But so is yourself. A kit usually lasts at least 2 months (for the Oil Control Pads) to 4 months (for the rest), so it's not that bad.

Note: Stop using the product particularly the ones with the Hydroquinone contents 2 − 3 days before a beach trip and resume it 2 − 3 days after. Consult your dermatologist regularly so that your progress can be monitored properly and the treatment can be adjusted accordingly.

Is ZO for me?

Final verdict: I like what ZO Skin Health did to my skin. I'm down to a couple more days supply of the Oil Control Pads and I'm planning to buy again.

To know more about ZO Skin Health, visit Like ZO Skin Health Philippines on Facebook and follow @ZOSkinHealthPH on Twitter or you can call these ZO HOTLINES: 8876385 and 09998857290.


  1. hi! how often is having a facial 'reguarly' and may I ask how much is the set? thanks!

    1. Hi! At least once a month or every other week. Depends on your skin's condition. The set costs less than 20k I think. You can call ZO actually at these hotlines: 8876385, 09998857290 to inquire.

  2. hi. i just bought this from Belo yesterday. did this help in improving your face skin color (whiter after using) ? thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! I did not notice any whitening but it helped evened out my skin face and neck's skin tone.

  3. hi ThePRGuy....are you still using ZO? was it?

  4. Hi! Just this one time. I stopped after using and finishing the whole regimen. The best thing is that I don't experience breakouts anymore.

    1. do you use anything for maintenance?

  5. Hi, how much is the Cebatrol Oil Control Pads? Thank you!


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