Overwhelmed and a bit under the weather, I took to Facebook what I was feeling one day. This was not one of those Facebook "status" game about liking someone or forgetting to wear underwear. I was just tired. I'm also human in case you forget.

Some of the comments I got were familiar and at the same time, funny.

This one even reminded me of the Coca-Cola x Bench event that I got invited to. And what do you know? It's the following day after my emo post. Really guys, I was serious.

In search of happiness (lol), I went. I just have to make "sipsip" (hello Coca-Cola shirt!) the same way I do my Coke thinking that it will help. Apparently, most of the guests and the models were in their red, white, and Coca-Cola garb. I belong (though mine's not a Bench shirt).
Ray-Ban flashlens
Wrangler jacket
Old Navy Coca-Cola shirt
Salsa jeans
New Balance sneakers

HYPE on Lookbook
Photos by Sarah Tirona
And then everything took a 180. The happiness brought by Coca-Cola's #ShareACoke campaign's truly infectious. It got me good I even made a video to express it. Watch.

Want to see more photos? And do you know how to get a personalized Coca-Cola bottle?

Here you go. (Cue in Pharrell's "Happy")
Robi Domingo | Jasmin Vinculado, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Philippines
Jasmin Vinculado sharing a Coke with Ben Chan, Chairman and CEO of Bench

Joseph Marco

Julia Montes

Enchong Dee

Hey Babe Patricia!

“We brought Share A Coke to the Philippines with one goal – to share happiness. Sharing a Coke is a simple yet fun and exciting way for us Filipinos to be able to show our appreciation to people who make us happy. For mothers who cook our breakfasts every day, for the fathers who drop off their children to school every morning, for the friends who listen to our never-ending problems, for the manang who serves our food in the cafeteria, for the manong who opens the door for us and wishes us a great day with his bright smile, for everyone who has shown us kindness—we would like to share a Coke with them simply because we know that happiness is made more real when shared.” Vinculado enthuses.

How to get a personalized #ShareACoke bottle?
  1. Buy Php150 worth of COCA-COLA® products.
  2. Go to the Share a Coke® booth with your receipt.
  3. Take your stub.
  4. Get your personalized COCA-COLA® from the Coke® Vending Machine (Php150 worth of single receipt purchase is equivalent to 1 COCA-COLA® 500ml PET; maximum of 4 bottles per receipt per day).
For the schedule of the #ShareACoke Tour, go to http://CokeURL.com/ShareACokeTourPH.


  1. If you're going to ask me, I find my happiness with the company of my younger sister. (Lam mo yan! ;p hehehe)


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