Thursday, November 20, 2014


"Denim jackets can be one of the most versatile pieces you could ever have in your closet! Get them in a darker shade this season."

The photo that went with the above caption? Mine.
Forever 21 denim jacket
H&M shirt
Cheap Monday jeans
Pedro shoes

Photos by Seph Cham
HYPE on Lookbook
Special shoutout to @eventideskye for leaving this comment on this post: "Astig na outfit nya! Mostly darks with a pop of brights. Really simple yet well put together!"

Thanks man! Your comment made me smile.

Now back to business...

You've seen the whole look, now let's zoom in on the watch. It's blue and it's Morellato. Two firsts for me.
Morellato watch
It's not from the brand's latest collection but you have to admit that it's a good-looking timepiece! Now segue to Morellato's Fall/Winter 2014 collection, here are my top 7 picks/holiday gift suggestions:

Starting with yet another watch for men. This is perfect for dad.

For the sophisticated mom.

For your sister who's into fairy tales and princessy-stuff.

For your dog-loving

and cat-loving friends. Make sure to include a Morellato bracelet for her to build on with these charms.

Of course, for your girl bff.

And finally, the star of the whole collection. The DROPS watches.

A triumph of creativity and imagination, thanks to the many new charms which can be used to make a personal piece of jewellery which is as unique and exclusive as every woman. There is also a large number of pre-composed jewellery items and watches, so priceless they enhance the beauty of those wearing them.
The DROPS watches with a "gemstone case" (26 mm) are elegant and refined, thanks to the exquisite details such as crystal inserts, in white or delicate nuances, on the bezel.
To know more about Morellato and its latest collections, like them on Facebook and follow @morellato_phils on Instagram and Twitter.

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