I really don't believe in luck.

Okay, after "luckily" winning in a series of events the past days and being able to sing with my idol (Bamboo!), I'm taking back my first statement. But let me add that the kind of luck that actually works is the kind that you work hard for. And I'd like to believe that I've been working hard (really) to get my "lucky" winnings. Well, that, plus a healthy dose of positive thinking. Believe me, it works.

So, it's been a while seen I last posted a decent blog entry. And by decent, I mean the usual blog works --photos, stories (both personal), and the like. I was reminded by a friend that I've been putting too much effort on Instagram more than my blog and I realized that hey, I'm a blogger and not just an Instagramer.
But you can still follow me on Instagram if you want to. It's @paultheprguy. Thanks!
Now, I'm back! Spreading luck like a leprechaun in my polka dotted shoes and shirt.

This is a photo-heavy entry so please, indulge me. It's my first personal blog entry for 2015, after all!

Shoot location: Sky Ranch Pampanga

Diesel watch available at WSI (SM Megamall)
It was extra Sunny that day. Perfect for a lookbook shoot.

If only my wardrobe choice didn't involve a trench coat.

But hey, why not fake it? Let's pretend I'm somewhere sunny and cold, at the same time?

On to the fashion blogging business.
Ray-Ban round metal | Topman trench coat
H&M polka dotted shirt | River Island skinny jeans
I must admit that I was nervous for the first half duration of the ride. Good thing the ferris wheel only serves as a viewing deck of sort and not as a legit ride where it goes round and round until you puke your bile out. A full 360 will take you probably 10 minutes (whew!) and it costs Php150 per head.

Here's the rest of the park.

 This whole confident thing going on? That, my friend, is what you call acting.

Here's more acting.

adidas x Pharrell Stan Smiths

This day would've been perfect if I had my cup of Jamba Juice with me. Now, where's the Jamba Juice truck when you need it?
ALL photos taken using Fujifilm X30
Probably setting up camp at two opposite ends of the metro's hemisphere while I was having a grand time in Pampanga perhaps? They just opened at UP Town Center (North) and The Enterprise Center (South).

Here's to more decent blog entries for 2015. Cheers! And happy new year!


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