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I came across this article several months ago when I was browsing through GQ's September 2014 issue. Prior to reading, I already have in my collection, Paco Rabanne's 'Invictus'. I recently acquired Lacoste L!VE because of what Nikki Glaser (see below) thought of it. "It smells like a guy who trims his ball hair (haha!)." That's a good thing according to GQ. Actually, I've gotten a lot of compliments from using it. It's my when-all-else-fails,-wear-this-cologne cologne. Both scents scored 3 out of 3 with Invictus being Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik's favorite. Who would argue with that?
Illustrations by Lauren Tamaki
It's actually good to know women's thoughts of men's colognes rather than reading it from some "expert." After all, they are the very reason why we spray on these scents. Meet the panel.
The Tastemaker
London-based Tank mag is the arbiter of cool for young Britannia. Fashion director Caroline Issa,with impeccable taste, is the reason why.
The Runway Regular
"A scent on a man changes whether or not a woman wants to be approached," says Aussie model Shanina Shaik, who bares (almost) all for Victoria's Secret.
The Wisecracker
All-American-blonde looks paired with viciously funny jokes make comedian Nikki Glaser the woman you can count on to tell you the truth--especially if it hurts.
Other scents featured: Pharrell Williams Girl by Comme Des Garcons (scored 1 out of 3), Masculin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2 out of 3), Michael Kors for Men (3! Glaser: "It smells like an expensive baby."), and Luna Rossa Extreme by Prada (scored 2 out of 3; Issa: "Like a guy who rolled around in the earth").

Feature lifted from GQ September 2014 issue. Full article HERE.

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