That's not what I did in Baler. I can't swim well (I've been told that you really don't need the skill to enjoy surfing... maybe, yes?) and I don't wanna be predictable. So I did several things other than that.

First order of the day: lookbook documentation!

Who would've thought that this was at a gasoline station?
HYPE on Lookbook
Now off to Baler!

More like brr...
A giant vegetarian is drooling right now.
Wrapped myself up going to the beach because I wasn't feeling a 100% that day but nevertheless, excited. I wasn't really keen on Baler being the first place that I'll go to this new year (If I had my way, I prefer somewhere outside the country. Like Singapore!) but having this regular habit of waking up to Kris Aquino's show somehow got me excited for the trip. We were to check in at Costa Pacifiica, which was featured at her show with great reviews. At least I have something to look forward to.
Forever 21 pullover
Forever 21 joggers
Birkenstock rubber sandals
You can't get any warmer than this.
So we "accidentally" took this long route going to Baler, where we have to pass several barangays, extending our supposedly 4-hour trip to almost 6! I almost went on a full-on Donkey fit but before I opened my mouth to ask "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?," we reached our destination. Finally!
You can't miss this sign.
Welcome to Costa Pacifica!

"Is it always cold here?" First thing I asked the people there. That's coming from someone who gave up his pullover for a tank top. It was also an early sign of flu, talking.
Still in the Philippines.
Check in. Check!

There were six of us including the driver so we got two adjoining rooms. This one's for the ladies.

The untouchables.
Compliments of Costa Pacifica.

I wasn't able to take a decent photo of my room because the driver got in the way of the view. He fell asleep the minute he made contact with his bed. But if it's any consolation, here's one of the new buildings in the area. I like the brick wall.
We didn't stay here.
Next: A city tour of Baler and more photos of Costa Pacifica.


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