Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is lazy dressing (and lazy blogging) at its finest. So I'm just gonna let the title sum up the entirety of this post.

HYPE on Lookbook
Black and white.

Okay, I'm taking back the lazy part. This post features some of the kids I spotted last #BU8 who got the black and white memo. There's also a video which, I promise, is relevant to this post.
Four Eyes frames | H&M tank top | Topman skinny jeans
Birkenstock rubber sandals

Well, what do you know? I was in black and white last BU, too.
Thanks www.madhousemnl.com for this photo!
So, it's traditional (at least, for me) to go ala-stylebible every Bloggers United event on my fellow participating bloggers but for some weird reason, I failed to do so last BU8. My OC-ness is kicking me on the shin right now. But I managed to snap the photos of some stylish kids who also got the memo (except for this one guy who's technically not in black and white but still, I like his style) that day. But come to think of it, that day was a mix of blacks, whites, and denim. Should I edit the title now?

The kids these days sure know how to dress up well, no? Even stylish at that. Back when I was their age, the only black and white I can pull off was my uniform. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just wanna stress out that kids these days are lucky for two things: the internet (for style inspirations) and the option to choose products that are suitable for their needs. Like this new Rexona Invisible Dry deodorant! Black and white some more, yes?

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