Monday, February 9, 2015


We all know which icon I'm talking about here.

Though I'm already aware (I'm sure you've seen his TVC for the brand -beef, beef, beef, beef!), Jollibee beefed up its lineup of brand ambassadors by launching Bamboo as the latest addition to its star-studded roster last January 21, 2015 at Craft Pub and Grill, BGC.

Sharing the same judges' spotlight on The Voice + his singing chemistry with Sarah Geronimo, also a Jollibee brand ambassador, I kinda saw this coming.

I seldom get starstruck but Bamboo's a different case. I literally grew up listening and jamming to his hits like Ulan, 214, Kisapmata, Himala, and the list goes on. I was THIS close to telling him, "I love you, pare!" Good thing a far better opportunity presented itself right before I blurted out those words. I got to sing with him! 2015, made!

So this is what it it's like to be coached by Bamboo...

Of course, there's the coaching part.
You listen intently.
And then, the singing.
Based on our Ohohoh-ing mouths, which song of Bamboo are we singing?
The satisfaction knowing that you did great (haha).
Looking smug.
And finally, that anticipation of knowing if you really did well.
And the winner is...
Which my group did. We won the rockeoke challenge with Bamboo! As if singing with him was not a prize in itself, we got to take home prizes including these signed copies of his latest album.
Photos by @ryansanjuan of
Here's a full video of our "winning" performance.

Video c/o Ted Claudio of

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