Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So, Ellen Adarna is at it again. Yep, ladies and gentlemen. There's another video! But this time, we're not talking about just one.

Bagging another endorsement capitalizing on her being a fit and healthy inspiration to most women and online lurkers out there, I must say that Ellen Adarna is doing it rite. With NutriRite, that is.

Here's what she has to say about her new endorsement.

"I'm very much excited to be part of NutriRite," says Ellen Adarna. "I honestly love having it during breakfast, or whenever I feel like having a light snack. And I don't feel guilty eating it because it's low-fat. Plus I don't get that bland taste from other low-fat foods. NutriRite is so yummy!"

NutriRite Low-Fat also comes in two more variants: Original and Oats & Honey. NutriRite Low-Fat has 30% less fat as compared to NutriRite Original, which has the same great taste with absolutely no trans fat and no cholesterol. NutriRite Oats & Honey has the distinct flavor of old-fashioned rolled oats and a touch of honey, which gives it a subtly sweet taste and creamy texture.

The brand is not stopping on just becoming "viral" with the help of Ellen Adarna. They actually encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle everyday of the year with the NutriRite App.
Download the NutriRite App on the App Store
One of the app's interactive features are the BTS videos and photos which you can unlock if you scan a pack of NutriRite using the app. Each flavor unlocks a different set of video and photo of Ellen Adarna. But the real deal is the very helpful feature of the calendar where you can generate your food and fitness plan for the day. I'm quite amazed, actually.

It also helps that a different photo of Ellen Adarna fronts per month ala-NutriRite's calendar girl but instead of promoting liquor, this one actually motivates you to be the best healthy version of yourself with the help of NutriRite, of course.




Aside from being healthy and delectable, NutriRite Low-Fat, NutriRite Original, and NutriRite Oats & Honey all come at a super affordable price at just Php5.50 per sachet. NutriRite is one of the lowest-priced instant cereal drink in the country today, without sacrificing the health benefits, flavor, and Food Empire's signature seal of quality. It is available at the following leading grocery stores: Cash & Carry, Robinson's Supermarket, Shopwise, South Supermarket, The Landmark Supermarket, Tropical Hut Groceries, Walter Mart, and Wellcome Supermarket.

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