Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The last movie I watched on the big screen was The Cobbler.

It was about a cobbler, yes, you guessed it right --haha, who get to magically live another person's life face by stepping in that person's shoes. The movie was okay, though, not life-changing. But it got me thinking, "What if The Cobbler was real? What if one day I meet a person with a similar face wearing my Chucks?" But then again, there's a reason why I collect shoes. So that I won't abuse a pair and resort to bringing it to a "magical" shoemaker for repair. Another good thing is, I'm a size 8. The cobbler was 10 1/2. Whew!

But why step in somebody else's shoes to understand and know that person's story when you can let your shoes just do the talking? Shoes that were made by you...
Georgina Wilson | Kean Cipriano
"Made by you" is a global celebration highlighting Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the only sneaker defined by those who wear them. Converse has curated a collection of Chuck Taylor All Star portraits, showcasing endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present who choose to wear Chuck Taylor All Star -- from musicians to artists, skaters to fashionistas, the known to the unknown. Their portraits offer a contemporary lens into the distinctly unique worlds they inhabit.
Andy Warhol | Bryan Blue
Portraits collected from the likes of international icons like Andy Warhol and Futura will be featured alongside portraits from everyday Chuck Taylor All Star wearers, and used in global exhibitions, which will turn the city streets of New York to Shanghai to Manila into art galleries. Additionally, the "Made by you" campaign seeks to highlight the unique creative spirit of local communities and subcultures with hyper-local portrait exhibitions celebrating the diversity of self-expression inherent in cultural neighborhoods throughout the world.
Colm Dillane | Futura
"Made by you" is a true celebration of creative individuals, their stories and their sneakers. Whether they are hand painted, covered in mud or worn out with holes, each Chuck Taylor All Star portrait tells a deeply personal story of the transformation from a white, black, red or navy sneaker into a remarkable piece of art. However worn, customized, modified or pristine, the portraits demonstrate the vast potential of an ultimate blank canvas.
Kenny Anderson | King Tuff
"Made by you" originated from a simple human truth -- we all want to be our true, authentic self in this world," said Ian Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing. "Fans of Chuck Taylor are the ones who have made Chuck Taylor an iconic badge of creative self-expression. It's time we celebrated them."
Mike Shine | Ya Yi
And celebrate we did! Converse announced the global launch of the "Made by you" campaign last March 2, 2015 at the new Glorietta Activity Center.

From models to designers, celebrities, bloggers and online personalities were in full support at the launch wearing Converse, of course.
Models wearing creations of Melchor Guinto, Ulysses King, and Jeffrey Rogador in their Chuck Taylors
Melchor Guinto | Ulysses King | Jeffrey Rogador
Michael Carandang | Tim Yap
LA Aguinaldo | Me!
Seph Cham | Miko Carreon
Mikyle Quizon | AJ Dee
Gerd Perez | Marvin Conanan
Michael Macalos | Mike Miguel
Myke Soon | Chris Delfin
"Made by you" is a multi-channel global campaign and includes activations from the streets and stores to online and in social media, including launch exhibitions in New York City, London, Beijing, and Manila, as well as offering consumers the ability to participate at a host of pop-up portrait studio at Converse retail locations and events around the world.

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  1. I like that movie too! something new to pique viewers imagination