I broke my Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star streak when I decided to go on a semi-ambitious project here on the blog where I copy provide options to featured clothes I see on GQ. The first one was Matt Damon's. This particular photo.
Matt Damon January 2012
Matt Damon, GQ January 2012
It has the Jack Purcell. So I went out bought myself one and fought the urge to scratch the itch. It's the only Jack Purcell in my big collection of Chuck Taylors and it's right there beside them with its big silly blue smile. I think that is one of the reasons why I didn't bother collecting it in the first place. The smile. It bothered me.

Have you seen a dog smile? You did? Well, I hope you ran. That's my comparison to the Converse Jack Purcell. It's either that or your shoe needs repair. A smiling shoe is not natural.

One thing I noticed though was, it frequented the pages of GQ. I and the fashion editors of GQ didn't see eye to eye when it comes to how they favor the Jack Purcell over the Chucks -letting celebrities wear it in most of their fashion features. But what's my preference compared to theirs? I'm just a mere collector who's happy enough with his Chuck Taylor shoe collection. But I thought, "Hey, these guys know better." So I did a little research... The Jack Purcell, the shoe and the person, both has rich backgrounds overflowing with success stories enough to make a person just appreciate everything about it.

It made me smile.

Now, I have five Jack Purcells in my Converse shoe collection. The fifth pair is the all new Converse Jack Purcell Signature sneaker, a modern evolution of the iconic silhouette with 18 new features and benefits. But before we get down to several details on why I love it, let me show you the progress of my Jack Purcell appreciation through the many times it was featured on GQ. It didn't start and ended with Matt Damon's feature mind you. It was a long process.
FUN February 2013
FUN, GQ February 2013
workaholics-march 2013
Comedy Central's Workaholics' Adam DeVine, GQ March 2013
Michael B. Jordan, GQ December 2013
Channing Tatum, GQ June 2014
Ansel Egort July 2014
Ansel Elgort, GQ July 2014
Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney, GQ March 2015
"The new Converse Jack Purcell Signature sneaker is the absolute result of a truly premium and modern offering for today's consumer," said John Heinrich, Converse Jack Purcell Senior Designer. "Our attention to details in each product benefit, such as the herringbone patterned sole and two-piece Jack Purcell smile, created a product derived from modern craftsmanship and versatility."

The Converse Jack Purcell Signature is not just about one singular feature but rather the collective 18 features and benefits that together make up this elevated proposition. Key features include:
  • Two-ply duck canvas inspired by Army specifications for added strength and durability
  • Cotton lace with plastic tip and a reinforced no-slip canvas heel counter elevates overall durability

  • Two-piece molded foxing construction with streamlined toecap and lightweight herringbone outsole delivers a modern look
  • Ortholite footbed with imbedded Nike Zoom Air Technology and then open weave forefoot made with soft cotton and leather, provide more breathability and mobility over long periods of wear

  • Premium detailing such as durable polished aluminum eyelets and wider heel stay displays craftsmanship in the construction
  • Winged tongue and duck canvas eyerow create a seamless inner forefoot, adding durability in a high friction place

  • Signature two-piece Jack Purcell smile construction in Converse blue, signature embroidered tongue, outsole logo, heel logo, and inner signature label provide the most classic expression of the iconic logo treatments

The new Spring 2015 Converse Jack Purcell Signature sneaker retails at Php 4,790 and is available at Converse retail stores nationwide in White, Black and Mason.


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