Sunday, March 15, 2015


Every first is going to be special.

I can't believe that I'm quoting this from this youth-oriented local TV show I'm watching right now. Time is 3:24pm. TV station: ABS-CBN. Day: Sunday. You do the math.

I actually swear by that saying when it comes to my collections, like my shoes. I make it a point that the first pair from a shoe brand that I will start building my collection from will have a story to tell. Like these TOMS shoes from the brand's 'Haiyan Initiative' collection.

Ellesse shirt
Forever 21 joggers
TOMS 'Haiyan Initiative' sneakers
I've long been eyeing on getting my first ever pair of TOMS shoes a couple of years back when the camouflage print was all the rage. But it wouldn't be my first camouflage print shoes if ever I did get it -making it not that special. Though the idea that for every pair we buy, TOMS will give another pair to a person needing it (through TOMS' One for One® movement), sounds like a very good story for my shoe to tell, I wasn't "ready" to own one yet.

Not, until today.

Aside from the fact that a person in need also got a pair from the purchase of these shoes, I'm happy that my first ever pair of TOMS goes beyond the brand's One for One® movement. Proceeds made from the 'Haiyan Initiative' shoe collection will go to helping relief efforts of AmeriCares in the areas devastated by Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda). AmeriCares is an emergency response and humanitarian aid organization devoted to saving lives and building healthier futures for people in crisis.
This particular design was inspired by the nights in Samar's mountains where fireflies shine through the darkness.
Photos by Seph Cham
More about the initiative.
about the initiative

TOMS Philippines has commissioned artists from these affected areas to create limited-edition items for this special project. Proceeds from the sale of each pair of hand-painted TOMS shoes will go towards the relief efforts of AmeriCares in the devastated regions.
about the artist

TOMS is available at Megamall, Nothing But H2O and The Give Project. Visit for more information. Follow TOMSphilippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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