Saturday, April 25, 2015


This might sound weird (but true) but there are actually two seasons we are currently celebrating right now in the Philippines. One is summer. And the other, the mid season sale!

Fans of Topman, River Island and Burton, it's RSSI Mid Season Sale once again! Woohoo!

Sales can get a tad too overwhelming (believe me when I tell you that I can't function well when overwhelmed) especially with all those rows and shelves of items screaming "50% off!," "70% off!," "Further Reductions!" all in unison that's why I came up with these three tips to consider when doing the fun ordeal of swimming through all the retail goodness that are RSSI's.

1. Consider the season.
We're still halfway through summer and if you still have a series of weekend beach getaway planned all throughout May, now is the time to grab a couple of floral shirts and pants made from light materials. Flowers and chinos? They can survive year-round in our always sunny country.
Topman shirt
Topman pants
HYPE on Lookbook

2. Think forward.
Admit it, at one point in your social media life, you came across bloggers and online personalities abusing the word "bipolar". If you read it from a showbiz/entertainment blogger, then they must be referring to a certain actress/actor, but if it came from a fashion blogger (don't look at me), chances are they're talking about our weather. Yes, it's alway sunny in the Philippines but the saying "When it rains, it pours" applies strongly, too. It's best to buy sweaters/pullovers during this season because they tend to go down half (or even lower) their regular price. Who knows? Maybe your idea of a summer vacation is somewhere cold outside the country? Or Baguio (old school, man!), perhaps?
River Island pullover
River Island skinny jeans

3. Invest on suits.
I know, I know. "Invest" and "sale" don't really go well together. But if you're thinking of getting three pairs of suits (I strongly suggest for you to get a navy, black, and gray) then that'd still be an investment. At least you got it on sale! Regular-priced quality suits can sometimes cost an arm and a leg that's why when opportunities like this come up, grab it. Get a pair or two. Choose the classic ones that can take you from your first job interview (congratulations 2015 graduates!) to an awards/corporate night. You can also mix it up with a jeans + t-shirt combo for less serious affairs like a site visit or a meeting with the boss' daughter. The possibilities are endless!
Burton suit
Now, I'm not saying that these items I cited are readily available and yours for the taking at 50% off! But in case you do come across them, then you might wanna consider what I just shared here.

You only have until May 10, 2015 for the RSSI SS15 Mid Season Sale! Ready? Get set. Hoard!

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