And the big countdown begins!

It's just 5 more days before the most anticipated boxing fight of the century! Excited yet? Well, let me help elevate that excitement with these five (5) Did You Knows about the #SugodManny campaign.
  • Did you know that you could get a chance to win Manny Pacquiao-signed merchandise when you join the #SugodManny movement?
Just post a photo or video of your knockout move and tag two friends as a challenge. Don't forget the hashtag!
  • Did you know that you can keep up with Manny Pacquiao's every move with high speed internet? Get the high-speed LTE you need all for just Php50! Enjoy 300MB with Youtube, Spinnr and Skype Qik access with #SmartBigBytes! 
Know more at http://smart.com.ph/bigbytes
  • Did you know that you can download the exclusive #SugodManny stickers for FREE through Viber's Sticker Market? Yes you can with #SmartFreeInternet! Get 30MB free when you subscribe to top Smart prepaid promos. Free Viber, anyone?
Visit http://smart.com.ph/prepaid/freeinternet to know more!
"Manny's upcoming fight with Mayweather on May 3 (Philippine time) is one of the biggest draws in boxing history and we want Viber to unite the Filipino community in sending good vibes to support Manny's bid for glory. We hope to fill everyone with a sense of pride in Manny as one of our greatest Filipino boxers with Smart's #SugodManny Sticker Pack on Viber," says Viber Philippines Country Manager, Crystal Lee.
For more information & fight updates, follow Smart on Viber Public Chats at www.viber.com/smart & on social media: facebook.com/viberph, twitter.com/viberph, and instagram.com/viberph. Follow the hashtag #SmartViber
  • Did you know that even you're not in Las Vegas, you can still get a Front Seat view of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? Just download the Viewstream app and watch the fight LIVE and ad-free on your phone or tablet for only Php999! #ViewstreamPacMay
Learn more: http://smart.com.ph/viewstream
  • Did you know that even before his fight with Mayweather, Manny had a little face off with another Manny? Watch both MVPs as they talk about the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight among other things via live video call.

Follow the story online with #SugodManny and let us all support and pray for the people's champ victory this May 2, 2015. Sugod Manny!


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