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I started blogging a year earlier than what I've been telling people. It was unintentional. My mind led me to believe that I'm relatively young in the industry but no, I did not start September of 2012.

I was once asked if I still get excited about the whole concept of blogging given that I've been doing it for years now. My answer is always, and will always be, yes. I still get excited every single time I get inquiries for collaborations, event invitations, interactions (both online and offline), and dressing up. And by dressing up, that includes the whole shebang! What to wear to which event/destination I go to and most importantly, looking for the perfect spot to document your look of the day --I just listed my top two. Providing a very good output here on the blog actually takes effort. Much effort. And risks, too.

Like wearing overalls without looking like a Mario brother which, by the way, I don't mind. I was in Baguio, after all.

So I found the "perfect" spot and upon seeing these benches, I decided to do Forrest Gump. We all know who Forrest Gump is, right? He and his movie poster-worthy of a bench scene?
Ray-Ban frames
H&M button-down shirt
Zara overalls
Did you know that on the same year the movie was released, Saucony introduced the GRID 9000 to the public? Yes, it was both in 1994.

And I'm wearing the same shoe style here in this post.

Don't you find it an awesome coincidence that the movie's iconic scene was Tom Hanks' (as Forrest Gump) running and Saucony being a running shoe brand? Just sharing.

That, so far, is the story of my run as a blogger. Now, it's Saucony Originals' turn to share its story of running.
Saucony Originals Timeline

Saucony Originals was recently launched in the Philippines in an intimate celebration of their history as told through The Saucony Story of Running exhibit.

The exhibit highlights all-time favorites including the Shadow Original, Shadow 5000, Jazz Original and Grid 9000. On display were extensive lines of collectors' items, from rare first editions of the classic silhouettes to rare collaborations like END. x Shadow 5000 "Burger", BAIT x Shadow Original Cruel World 3 "Global Warming" and the Packer Shoes x Just Blaze x Grid 9000 "Snow Beach".

Here's Saucony's rich heritage and story of running and innovation as told by its milestones.

1898 - Saucony was founded by four businessmen from Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

1906 - The Saucony Shoe Manufacturing Company built its first factory along the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The Saucony logo still used today is intended to represent the endless flow of that very waterway, along with its boulder-strewn creek bed, represented by the three dots within the "river" mark.

1980 (Trainer 80) - 1980 and Saucony were once again pioneering! The Trainer 80 offered runners the first ever slip lasted running shoe. Slipper like comfort, coupled with supreme cushioning. A game-changer for runners in the early 90's.

1981 (Jazz O & Jazz Low Pro) - So much of Saucony's heritage is tied up in this classic silhouette. There's a purity to this pioneering 1981 athletic design, from the triangular lug outsole, squared-off heel, 'S' embroidery and a super high level of comfort. Designed in conjunction with Dr. Fran Santopietro who shared our ethos;

1983 (DXN Trainer) - Rod Dixon won the NYC marathon in 1983 wearing Saucony. We listen to all runners, always. That's our job. However, when Rod said he wanted to design his own shoe, we took extra attention. He didn't disappoint! The Dixon Trainers were made in the image of the show he wore on that fateful day. We incorporated the 'Dixon mattress', an EVA midsole wedge drilled with holes for extra cushioning. We added a super soft protective insert under the metatarsal heads. And a flexible back tab to relive Achilles pressure. Yes, innovating again!

1985 (Shadow Original) - The running shoe was rapidly evolving and Saucony were once again at the forefront. The Shadow Original took what was best of the Jazz original and enhanced it with a more breathable upper and a supporting TPU heel cup. We realized different runners had different demands.

1994 (Grid 9000) - A true monster of a shoe stacked full of technology. The revolutionary G.R.I.D. (Ground Reaction Inertia Device) system offered runners maximum comfort and support. The creative overlays on the upper with neoprene tongue provide the most luxurious fits.

This is Saucony Originals now.

Jazz Original (Aqua Blue/Red) Php3,095 | Jazz Original (Charcoal/Pink) Php3,095
Jazz Original (Purple/Pink) Php3,095 | Shadow 5000 (Grey/Light Green) Php4,495
Shadow Original (Blue/Bright Green) Php3,995 | Shadow Original (Lt. Grey/Lt. Green) Php3,995
Grid 9000 (Grey/Black/Mint) Php4,995 | Grid 9000 (Grey/Black) Php4,995
Jazz Original (Black/Blue) Php3,095 | Jazz Original (Charcoal/Orange) Php3,095
Jazz Original (Grey/Dark Blue) Php3,095 | Shadow Original (Blue/Bright Green) Php3,995
Shadow 5000 (Blue/Orange) Php4,495 | Shadow 5000 (Bright Blue/Black) Php4,495
Shadow 5000 (Grey/Black) Php4,495 | Shadow Original (Dark Teal) Php3,995
Shadow Original (Grey/White) Php3,995 | Shadow Original (Red/Burgundy) Php3,995
Discover the history of running through Saucony Originals at the Saucony concept store located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 3 and specialty stores: Complex Lifestyle Store in Eastwood Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Fairview Terraces and Ayala Center Cebu, and Shoe Salon stores nationwide.

Want more Saucony throwbacks? Here you go.





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