Tuesday, July 28, 2015


One of the highlights, if not the ultimate highlight, of my blogging career is being signed up as one of Smart's digital ambassadors. This is also a perfect case of things coming full circle given that my first infomercial back when I was still pursuing a modeling career was for Smart Padala.

All those who know me, personally and online, expect me to push for all Smart-related promotions and activities because that's part of my responsibilities as a Smart family member. That's what I signed up for. But more than the people's expectations, I'm the type of person who will push for something I personally believe in. I believe in living the #SmartLife.

And this is how I'm enjoying it!

I don't like long travels. I also don't like getting stuck in traffic (who does?). Aside from easily getting bored, I don't like the idea of not being productive always. If I can get away by being productive while sleeping, that would be ideal. But that's impossible. Productivity for me doesn't necessarily mean being actually productive in the "work" sense of things. Being able to finish a book that I started reading some four months ago --that's also productivity in my vocabulary. Or catching up on my favorite TV series minus the comforts of home. Now, I get to do that with iflix. Especially when I'm stuck in traffic. How's that for entertainment everywhere?
iflix is a video-on-demand service that lets you watch movies and TV shows for only Php99/month (special price for PLDT/Smart subscribers). You can link up to five devices to your account, letting you experience entertainment in multiple platforms wherever you are. Visit https://www.iflix.com/ to know more.

Speaking of traffic, how do you cope up with it? I remember saying this at one of my talks, "EDSA traffic is like our parents. We can't do anything about it." But I outsmart it with Waze. I'm not saying that the app is the perfect solution to this long-standing problem of Manila but it helps me spare a few minutes to get to an event a little earlier and probably ample time to park without getting late to an appointment. That is, if I'm the one who's driving. Well, you get the idea. That's convenience everywhere.

If you're following me on Instagram, I'm sure you've witnessed my travel exploits. Little did people know that I was also running half of my company while abusing the #ThePRGuyGoesTo hashtag. I was able to multi-task between jumping from one tourist spot to another to giving the thumbs up to the campaign layouts that was sent to me on Viber. At a recent product launch that my company organized, I and my team were able to visually update each other with the weather status and traffic conditions during our setup seamlessly using the app. Peace of mind everywhere. That's what I'm enjoying lately as someone who runs a company and a personal blog site at the same time.

And then there's the #SmartFreeIG where Smart Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can now browse feed and upload photos and videos without data charges for free on Instagram. When used responsibly, #SmartFreeIG can be a very helpful and creative tool in updating the world with relevant updates on current events and what-not. But that deserves a different post.

Are you ready to live the #SmartLife?

Visit http://smart.com.ph/smartlife to know more!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I made the mistake of not bringing enough summer-appropriate clothes during my recent trip to Hong Kong. I didn't expect it to be that hot knowing that summer has just ended here in our country. I assumed that things are going to be the same with the two countries having no time difference and all but yeah, I was wrong. Good thing I was able to squeeze in my baggage (on top of other million things) my Cushe 'Foreshore' flip-flops. At least I was able to experience summer in Hong Kong on this short visit to the Pui O beach in Lantau Island, the right way.
Foreshore features Cushe Soft which places the foot directly onto the sole unit, negating the need for removable insocks. This construction has the added benefit of being wholly good for you with zero degree decrease in heel to height, resulting in a completely balanced sole.

What's the "right way" you ask? Comfort, for sure. Shades, tank top, shorts, and sunblock are just 75% of the comfort you might need while walking on a sweltering day on the beach. You also need a good pair of flip-flops to protect you from the hot sand and uneven terrain. Regular flip-flops won't do the trick, I tell you.

Anyway, here's a little glimpse of the beach, which was just a good 10-minute walk from where I stayed.

If you have Superman's eyes, you'll see people trying to learn how to surf.

That's all I can share for now. See you again soon.
Cushe 'Foreshore' retails at Php1,590 and is available at the following COALITION Stores: Eastwood Mall | Newport Mall | Festival Supermall | Shoppesville Greenhills | Powerplant Mall | Fairview Terraces | UP Town Center

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The big screen...

...and even our McDonald's Happy Meal!
Chatting Bob | Egyptian Hula Minion
Groovy Stuart | Guard Minion | Guitar Strumming Stuart
The Minions are everywhere!
Lava Shooting Kevin | Marching Minion Soldier
Martial Arts Minion | Minion Caveman | Minion Vampire
Have you seen the movie? No? Yes? But you still wanna see it again? Here's an idea: Instead of the usual popcorn and soda, why don't you grab McDonald's limited edition Minions Combo for your movie snack? How's that for an awesome Minions Movie experience?
Banana Crumble McFlurry | Banana McFlurry with Oreo
Honey Banana McFloat | Minions McDip

Minions BFF Fries 'N McFloat Combo Php165 | Minions BFF Fries 'N McFlurry Combo Php225
Minions Medium Fries N' McFloat Combo Php65 | Minions Medium Fries N' McFlurry Combo Php95
Head over to McDonald's to see the Minions Movie come to life! Bring the entire family or barkada and find a Minion treat for everyone. Minions Happy Meal and limited-edition menu offers are all available in McDonald's stores nationwide.

Share your love for the Minions at McDonald's via the official Facebook fan page or by tagging @McDo_PH to your sweet and funny McDo moments on Twitter or Instagram. #MinionsAtMcDo