Cool down. That's what we did in between our walks exploring Singapore and Malaysia last June. I was with my blog bff/travel buddy Ana Gonzales and if there's one thing that we mutually agree on when it comes to travel, it's to stop every now and then to rest and catch up on our breaths and at the same time, refresh and rehydrate in random but Instagram-worthy cafes along the way. It was not exactly sweltering that day when we went to Haji Lane but paired with of a lot of walking, our exhaustion meter lit up sooner than we think.

Cold beverage, preferably coffee, is always a good idea so we took refuge in Shop Wonderland for a short period of time that day.
Urbanears Chick
We shared a slice of Earl Grey Lavender Cake and I had a Peppermint Mocha to go with it. And before we knew it, we're back to the sunny streets of Singapore once again.
Urbanears Mint
Good thing that part of our itinerary on the last day of our ala-Amazing Race trip to Singapore-Malaysia was to spend it in the colder region of the latter --Genting Highlands. One of the highlights of our tour in Malaysia was this visit to the Strawberry Leisurely Farms where there's also a Lavender Farm. Of course, a decent OOTD was in order (more of that later). Nothing beats layering in a straight-out-of-a-Korean-soap-opera setting while experiencing the cool breeze of the region.
Urbanears Jam
Accompanying us in this cool experience was Urbanears' newest collection. Find your favorite Urbanears headphones in the refreshing colors of Chick, Mint, and Jam available at the following stores:

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For more information about the product, visit or follow us at

The Urbanears Color Cycle
Urbanears releases two color collections each year --one for the Spring/Summer season and one for the Fall/Winter season. Each collection features three fresh and new colors. It carries over two colors from previous seasons each time, in addition to five standard shades that are always in its collection. The result is a grand total of 10 fresh and handpicked colors each season. In addition to this, it releases a handful of Urbanears Editions, which are special models with a little something extra.


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