I usually don't talk much about what I wear on a Lookbook entry here on the blog. It's just not my style. If I did, then I'm doubting two things. First, my sense of style what looks good on me. Second, my photographer's eye. I don't wanna insult myself and the latter, so I'll just shut up and let the photos do the talking.

I'm at a stage where I'm over seeking attention with my style choices. With years of hits and misses, I already know what I want and what looks good on me and I'm confident about it. That's what Axe Black's latest campaign, "Less Effort, More Style", is all about. AXE Black, with its light and refined notes, caters to the understated guy, one who is confident in himself and does not need to demand attention.

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Ray-Ban wayfarer
Memo blazer
Giordano shirt
Giordano shorts
Dr. Martens sandals

Lookbook photos: Maxlee Merida
The scent of AXE Black is balanced and clean from top to bottom, and its energetic elegance and aquatic fresh, yet woody body evokes masculinity with a modern twist.

AXE Black is quite apt for its newest endorser, Bamboo who perfectly embodies this new definition of cool.

"The AXE Black persona really suits me. I'd like to think I'm a guy with mature and refined tastes. I also believe that guys don't have to shout to get attention. It's really all about Less Effort, More Style," explained Bamboo.

Aside from having Bamboo as their newest ambassador, AXE also came up with the AXE Black Pop Up Bar series which will be hosted by a different ambassador each month between June to August.

Victor, Fabio, and Frank have the freedom to bring their own concepts to life, while staying true to the understated world of AXE Black, where less effort means more style.

Fabio Ide with "Paint The Palace Pool Club Black" last June 30,

Frank Magalona with "The Mind Fact is the new black" at the Mind Museum last July 22,

and last, but not the least, my friend Victor Basa with the "Explorers Social Club" this August 25 at Quantum Makati. To get an invite to #AxeBlackVictor, sign up here: http://www.axephilippines.com/axeblackbar/victor.

AXE Black ambassador Bamboo, and resident hottie Solenn Heussaff, along with the AXE brand team, will determine the winner of AXE Black Pop Up Bar series through the concept, crowd, impression and votes.

For more information, log on to AXEPhilippines.com and follow @axephilippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #AXEBlack #LessEffortMoreStyle


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