Thursday, August 27, 2015


The nature of my work as a part-time blogger and as a business person entail work extended up to the weekends. Even Sundays! To keep me sane, I make it a point that even for a short period of time, I need to experience non work-related activities. Like my usual weekend escapades with my older brother. The Gourmand Market was another opportunity that I'd regret to miss. I originally planned on going on the second day but since it was my "usual" work weekend, we managed to go on the last day.
The Gourmand Market was held last May 22 - 24, 2015 at Bonifacio High Street, Central Square.
The Gourmand Market, aside from being a weekend shortstop for foodies, was like a page straight out of an Instagram rockstar's feed! I mean, take a look at these...




I know a couple of friends who might squeal with delight when they see this.

As expected, "likes' poured like cacti needles when I posted this photo on Instagram.

Mason jars, anyone?

Okay, that's enough. Now let's talk about the reason why I and my brother went to the Fort side of town on one of our weekend escapades.

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews being there at the event, is one of our motivations, too.

Remember when I told you last time that we (me and my brother) usually get our hands on our beer first before scouring the place for the perfect food to match our drinks? Well, we decided to change things up by searching for food first.

And search we did...

Bagnet + San Miguel Super Dry = perfect combo! But we don't wanna be predictable so let's go on with the search.

This bunch's not sweet enough and lacks my preferred ingredient to pair with my San Miguel Cerveza Negra: chocolate.

And after checking the whole place for a good 10 minutes, we found the perfect contenders to pair with our San Miguel Lifestyle Brews! Can you guess which food will go to which beer?

Something light from the Truck Bun.

Something greasy (and just wow!) from Ponti.

And finally, something sinful from Baked by Anita.

Now that we zoned in on our targets, it's time for our San Miguel Lifestyle Brews!

Here's our spread.
We were seriously contemplating on how to get this barrel/table to our home.
Ponti's Spicy Porchetta sandwich with San Miguel Super Dry.

Chicken Fajita with San Miguel Premium All-Malt.

And Chocolate and Berries cake with San Miguel Cerveza Negra. This combo was a delight to eat! What we did was take a bite of the cake and washed it with the Cerveza Negra while the cake was still in our mouths. Try it some time. It's really good!

The Gourmand Market was another weekend bonding experience with my brother made complete with the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews in hand.

This was me, after. Satisfied but still hoping for more event concepts like The Gourmand Market's.

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