Tuesday, September 22, 2015


One of the perks of being a Smart Infinity subscriber is the option to choose the lifestyle bundle aka freebies that goes along with your plan.

I love spending for clothes and gadgets and I can say that Smart Infinity's Purple cards and its latest partner, Switch GC, would have to be my favorite options.

Let's talk more about the latter...

If you're happy with the current smart phone you're using, then why not subscribe for a Smart Infinity Prestige Plan 5000 or Premium 8000 plans? You will not only get Php35,000 worth of Switch GCs which you can use to pay for the partial cost of the latest Macbook, but also, premium Apple gadgets!
Free iPod Shuffle (Prestige 5000) or Apple TV (Premium Plan), anyone?

If you want to own the latest iPhone or Samsung devices, then these Switch GCs are more than enough to get you a phone case, or two!

You can use your Smart Infinity Switch GC at the following Switch and iStore branches:

For more information, go to http://smart.com.ph/infinity/switch.

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