Friday, November 20, 2015


We've seen the movie, mesmerized by Sam Smith's "Writing's On The Wall", now let's talk about James Bond's best looks in Spectre.

Or not. What's the point in talking about it when we can just look at everything and just appreciate? Here's my top 7 picks starting with what he wore at that beautiful funeral scene with Monica Bellucci.

I saw a similar double-breasted trench coat at H&M and 21 Men but the best one I've tried on so far was from ZARA for only Php5,990.

How about that Dia De Los Muertos skeleton suit and top hat? Makes for a stylish Halloween costume, no?

I think this one's the same (but on a different color) with what he wore on the cover of British GQ's November 2015 issue. I'm liking the subtle checks.

Turtleneck, anyone?

As if Daniel Craig needs bulking up, this ribbed jacket bulks the wearer just right.

How to stay clean (save for a few bruises) in a white tux after a fight with Batista is a wonder only James Bond can answer.

This suit in this backdrop. Need I say more?

How about you? What's your best pick?

All photos are lifted from except for the first photo which was from

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