Thursday, December 3, 2015


Olaf! The character made popular by the animated movie 'Frozen' and the default name associated to the question "Do you wanna build a snowman?" (Frosty who?)

Such a fun character, yes? Now I got some free time today and decided to be productive by doing a tutorial on how to build Olaf, the snowman, using Lush Cosmetic's FUN soap!

The Lush FUN bar is a shampoo, soap, and a play material (like clay) rolled into one fragrant bar of well, fun!

A portion of the sales of the FUN bar will go into a FunD to help children's projects in the affected areas of the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.

Now, let's start building a snowman!
I got the guide in creating Olaf from THIS site. If you intend to use clay, it would be best to refer to that site. But if you just want to have fun with your FUN soap, then you came to the right place!
What you need: A 'Snowman' FUN bar from Lush, A smooth working surface, plastic sculpting tools, small twigs
  • Let's start by rolling Two 1/2 inch balls for Olaf's feet, One 1 inch ball for his tummy, One 3/4 inch ball for his neck
  • Connect the 4 balls to each other to form Olaf's body
  • Make an oval shape for the head using the same amount of soap used for Olaf's neck and tummy
  • Shape it according to the above image with cheeks protruding on the sides
  • Sculpt Olaf's front teeth
  • Then roll 1 small ball; cut it in two; and place it on his face
  • For Olaf's nose, pinch a small orange portion of FUN and roll it into the shape of a carrot, place it between his eyes
  • Punch holes in Olaf's eyes
  • Insert 2 small black balls for his pupils; don't forget to include his brows and upper outline of his eyes for more definition
  • Create 3 slightly bigger balls for his buttons and place accordingly
  • Insert 3 short twigs for his hair and 2 longer ones for his hands
  • And that's it!
Olaf's ready to melt for you

The FUN soap is included in Lush Cosmetics latest holiday collection. How's that for a fun gift idea this Christmas?

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