It has been customary for me to come up with an article on "looking young" (or at least not looking your actual age) every time I turn a year older. Last time, it was a chemical peel followed by a chemical-based skincare regimen. This time, I'm taking the less drastic route.
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Have you heard of glutathione? With all the brands readily-available and billboards scattered around the metro, I'm pretty sure that you do. Now, let's talk about it.
Burton blazer
Zara shirt
Uniqlo chinos
Converse 'Jack Purcell' sneakers

All lookbook photos by Ava Te-Zabat (@artsyava)
Location: Makati Diamond Residences
If you're gonna search glutathione on Google, none of the top results will give you "whitening" even when it is strongly marketed as such here in the Philippines. Whitening is a positive (at least to us, Filipinos) side-effect when you take it as a supplement the "right" way. And by right way, I mean with discipline. Big amounts of it.

Get the right amount of sleep. Use sunblock when going out. Do not stress too much. Give up or lessen on your smoking and drinking. The list goes on and on.
If you really love drinking, try wine for a change.
But if you, like me, are taking glutathione not for its whitening effect, then good for you! Glutathione is a powerful and important antioxidant naturally found and produced by the body. Basically, it detoxifies our cells. As you age and you engage yourself with activities like drinking, smoking, etc... (you get the picture), the glutathione count in our body depletes. Less glutathione means less detoxification so what do you do? Take glutathione as a supplement.

I'm currently taking Snowcaps more for its anti-aging benefits.
For more product info, visit https://vidanutriscience.com.
Just like Alden Richards, I wanna look fresh and "mabango" always. I think that's what made him appealing to the Philippine market especially moms and teenage girls which is a very big segment in our country, by the way.

Less to zero pimples, no visible signs of wrinkles, good hair, you can achieve those by taking a regular supplement of premium L-Glutathione! I recommend Snowcaps. It's affordable, too.

Couple it with a good sense of style, then you're on your way to becoming the next Alden Richards. A man can dream, right?
Minus the rose, this look was inspired by Alden Richards' on his Snowcaps campaign photos.
Recommended use: Take one (1) capsule with or without meal in the morning because glutathione levels are lowest and oxidative stress is highest during daytime.
Snowcaps - 500mg Premium Glutathione capule with 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100mg Non Acidic Vitamin C, Php1,495 per box (30 capsules)
Available in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Landmark Makati, SouthStar Drugstores, Three Sixty Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy, LCC Bicol, 360 Pharmacy - Cebu, NCCC HB1 - Davao, Metro Gaisano Pharmacy - Manila and Cebu
Please consult your doctor before using the product if you are taking prescription drugs or are under medication for any existing illness or condition.

I'm not really aiming to go whiter than I already am (it's actually impossible if you're living in the metro and having all these events to attend to left and right) but with the right amount of discipline, you can achieve fairer skin with Snowcaps. I also recommend using Snow Skin Whitening Soap when taking a bath. Leave it on your skin 1 - 2 minutes before rinsing the moisturize with your favorite whitening lotion for good measure.
Snow Skin Whitening Soap (with 7 Plant extracts from the Swiss Alps), Php 149 per pc (135g)
Available at Mercury Drug stores, South Star Drug, Ansons Supermarket, Crossing Supermarket, Three Sixty Pharmacy, LCC Bicol, 360 Pharmacy - Cebu, NCCC HB1 - Davao, CitiMart Dept. store - Batangas

Free Shipping Nationwide (Snow Soap minimum order of 3 pcs/Snowcaps min of 1 box) Call (632) 9279227 or text (only) 0998-994-8888
For more information, like Snow Caps on Facebook and follow @snowhitening on Instagram and @snowgluta on Twitter. Follow #WhiteVanity online to see testimonials and features on Snowcaps.


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