Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Japan is one of those countries I've always wanted to visit for the longest time but haven't gotten to because of work. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Ghibli Museum and of course, cherry blossoms would be at the top of my priorities when that time comes. I'm actually gonna be experiencing the latter for the first time when I go to Seoul this spring but still, it would be nice if it's in Japan. Oh well, at least there's the Saucony Tokyo Pack to look forward to this April 1. The Kinvara 7 has cherry blossoms printed all over its body and what do you know? A Japanese guy designed it.
The Tokyo Kinvara 7 (Php5,995) gets a Japanese-style makeover with the country's well-known spring icon, the Sakura or cherry blossom which has a special meaning in Japanese culture because of its fragility and beauty. The distinctive blossoms appear alongside some bright green embellishments, heralding the lush, new foliage of spring. The dark blue hue on the sides of each shoe act as a nod to Japan's traditional art of indigo dyeing, while the Sakura design continues inside appearing on the insoles.
When Saucony asked Japanese artist Toshikazu Noasaka to design shoes to commemorate the Tokyo Marathon, the only Asian race in the highly celebrated World Marathon Majors, he brilliantly conveyed Japanese heritage through this Special Edition Tokyo Pack.

His vision for two of Saucony's popular models, the Kinvara and the DXN trainer, includes "Sakura" or cherry blossoms (above photo) and a great wave, in shades of black, white and silver (below).
The Tokyo DXN Trainer retails for Php4,995 and features Nozaka's original wave design which expresses passion and forward motion, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese prints created in the early 1800s while the background scale design represents rebirth in Japanese culture. Nozaka's background in tattoo artistry shines through in the design, with its bold curves and intricate inlay.
Limited pairs of the Tokyo Pack DXN Trainer and Kinvara 7 will be exclusively released online at on April 1, 12MN and at the Saucony Retail Store, Level 2 of Glorietta 3 (Kinvara 7 only) also on April 1, 2016.

To learn more, visit or follow @sauconyph and @sauconyoriginalsph on Twitter and Instagram.

Monday, March 28, 2016


I don't really invest much on pants because unlike shoes (and tops with wild prints), they're not memorable... which is a good thing because I can wear it over and over again without people asking "Those pants again?" The secret is to find the perfect fit. I found mine at Burton. They carry the comfiest "super skinny" denim jeans. Still on the consideration of my denim jeans not being memorable, I got it in the very versatile shade of black.

The best thing about black jeans is that you can wear it smart casual,
Burton denim jeans
Burton jacket
Burton shirt

Photo by @anagon
too casual,
Burton denim jeans
Burton shirt

Photo by @kumagcow
or just plain casual.
Burton denim jeans
Burton button down shirt
Burton shirt

Photo by @rodelflordeliz
Now, who needs three when you can just get a pair for all three looks? Burton is located at the 3F of Mega Fashion Hall. For updates, like Burton Menswear Philippines on Facebook.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I made the mistake of not wearing enough sunscreen to my last beach trip at Baler more than two weeks ago resulting to a mild sunburn on my face. Even though I like the nakainom "glow", there was a slight sting everytime a contact was made on my face. Not to sound like a wuss, it was actually bearable. What I don't like was the idea of neglect which could've been avoided with just a simple act of applying sunscreen (and to think I've been talking about taking care of my skin lately now that I'm 32). I even considered not to pursue with my clinic visit to Luminisce which was set the following day after my Baler trip because of this --thinking that any procedures or treatments I might undergo will just make things worse.
Photo from the Freewaters CSR initiative taken last March 2, 2016
Good thing I pushed thru.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


adidas Originals gives the new Tubular Defiant silhouette a left-field treatment for the new Tubular Defiant Colour Contrast Pack, creating three new iterations of the model with true standout style.

The Colour Contrast Pack sees the Tubular Defiant constructed from a heavyweight 22oz. canvas for a clean, organic look.

Each shoe is then dipped in a thick rubber treatment across the heel section, creating a breathtaking contrast that elevates the shoe's slick lines with an aggressive visual twist.

Offered in Off White, Black and Olive palettes with bold contrast colours, the Colour Contrast Pack is a demonstration in practice of the power of fashion footwear with aggressive aesthetics.

The Tubular Viral Geometric is now available and retails at Php5,495.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Style my hair. That would be the last thing I do before I step out of the house. Whether for work, attend events, run errands, not even when I'm already late for a meeting (looking good actually makes up for it, you know) you just simply can't make me go out with unstyled hair.

And to think it's just half of the hair affair which I just can't, for the life of me, pass up in doing on a daily basis. The other half? The very important step of my whole grooming regimen: taking a bath; specifically, the shampooing part. I'm very particular with what I shampoo my hair with. Aside from it having a masculine scent, it has to protect my scalp from dandruff which is very I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T because no, those flakes on your shoulders will not be mistaken as snow in our country. Not in a million years. I'm a regular user of the #1 Men's Anti-dandruff shampoo, CLEAR, for several years already because it has spared me from such embarrassment.

Today was one of those rare occasions where I did not put too much effort in styling my hair because I was invited to my shampoo brand of choice and the country's leading barbershop chain's launch of their exciting partnership. Along with that, the promise that everything will be taken care of. Shampoo, cut, and style. Now, which hair style should I try this time? Hmm...
David? Care to make a suggestion?

Saturday, March 12, 2016


#AwowLuau sa tagaraw! That's all I can say with the scorching heat we're experiencing this early. And to think we're not even halfway through summer. Roadtrip with my barkada! I'm gonna bring really, really cold soda and freshly-baked pizza! With summer music pumped up in the car, now there's a good idea!

Pizza is always a good idea. Especially if it's Greenwich Hawaiaan Overload!

Start the season of fun under the right sun by heading to the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Combi Van on March 19 at SM Megamall. I and my blogger barkada will be there so come and let's have fun!

Spot the Combi van in the venues and start your #PinaghaHawaiian challenge. Simply register and claim your FREE freshly made Greenwich #HawaiianOverload Pizza.

Take that perfect #groupfie with the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza Combi Van, post it on Twitter and/or Instagram and tag @greenwichpizza. Use the hashtag #PinaghaHawaiian so you can always go back to your best summer start. Complete the challenges within the given time at the counter to win even more prizes.

Get additional Greenwich treats by participating in our Greenwich Blogger Activity. Support my team by adding #AwowLuau on all your posts because followers of the winning Blogger Team get a chance to win Php5,000 worth of Greenwich GCs! The Blogger Team wins by having the most number of hashtags used. So let's do this and see you on March 19 at SM Megamall!

Don't miss out on the best summer ever with the best-tasting #HawaiianOverload! Eto ang #pinaghaHawaiian na pizza!

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Friday, March 11, 2016


The watch that has been getting much of my wrist's time (hehe) lately is my silver ZeCircle smartwatch from MyKronoz. You can say that it's my favorite given the frequency of my usage but more than the usual function of a watch, ZeCircle tells more than time.
You see, I'm trying to live a healthy lifestyle now that I'm past the days of the calendar (add that to the pressure of having a somehow fit summer body) and I'm starting by tracking my daily activities. I still can't bring myself to go to the gym so for the meantime, I'm resorting to motivating myself first with the assistance of my ZeCircle.

What's the ZeCircle?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Your first time in Hong Kong wouldn't be complete without including a day (or two) visit to Disneyland in your itinerary. It's actually the top reason why I braved going to Hong Kong on a sweltering weekend of June last year. It somehow made my first time in the country, seemed legit.

Getting to Hong Kong is a walk in the park. First, you don't need a VISA to enter the country. Second, it's just a 2-hour plane ride from the Philippines. And lastly, airfare is so cheap (hello, Piso Fare!) you can bring your whole family there without breaking the bank.