Monday, March 14, 2016


Style my hair. That would be the last thing I do before I step out of the house. Whether for work, attend events, run errands, not even when I'm already late for a meeting (looking good actually makes up for it, you know) you just simply can't make me go out with unstyled hair.

And to think it's just half of the hair affair which I just can't, for the life of me, pass up in doing on a daily basis. The other half? The very important step of my whole grooming regimen: taking a bath; specifically, the shampooing part. I'm very particular with what I shampoo my hair with. Aside from it having a masculine scent, it has to protect my scalp from dandruff which is very I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T because no, those flakes on your shoulders will not be mistaken as snow in our country. Not in a million years. I'm a regular user of the #1 Men's Anti-dandruff shampoo, CLEAR, for several years already because it has spared me from such embarrassment.

Today was one of those rare occasions where I did not put too much effort in styling my hair because I was invited to my shampoo brand of choice and the country's leading barbershop chain's launch of their exciting partnership. Along with that, the promise that everything will be taken care of. Shampoo, cut, and style. Now, which hair style should I try this time? Hmm...
David? Care to make a suggestion?
CLEAR and Bruno's Barbers co-created 4 DANDRUFF-PROOF STYLES to cater to the 4 different types of men: The Classic style for the dashing debonair, the Casual style for the cool kid on the block, the Sporty style for the relentless athlete, and the Urban style for the trendy man on top. Of course, I went with the Classic. You know what they say about it never going out of style so yeah, classic it is.

CLEAR also introduced a 3-step regimen to make men dandruff-proof: (1) Wash with CLEAR shampoo
"At CLEAR, we believe that a man's hair is the most important element of his look and we need to make sure it's dandruff-proof and perfectly cut to suit his style," said CLEAR Shampoo Brand Manager Bea Joson.
"As we want to give every Filipino a Dandruff-proof style, we have decided to be present where men get their cut -- the barbershop. With CLEAR's scalp expertise and Bruno's trusted grooming services, every Filipino will get the full Dandruff-Proof Style experience that they deserve," said Joson.
"We are equally as excited with this partnership. My family created Bruno's Barbers to provide men the cut and style they've always wanted to look their best." With this goal in mind, there's just no better partner to have but CLEAR," added Bruno's Barber President Marco Pascual.

(2) Take a hair CUT in Bruno's Barbers


(3) STYLE.

In the end, CLEAR ensures every man that whatever hairstyle they choose, CLEAR can keep it dandruff-proof.

Starting March 14, 2016, men can avail of any of the CLEAR DANDRUFF-PROOF STYLES by Bruno's Barbers at selected Bruno's branches in the country. Customers can also get their hair washed with CLEAR Men shampoo, and even get their scalps scanned to check their Dandruff-Proof scores.

For more information, visit and follow @CLEARph on Instagram and Twitter. Join the story online by using #dandruffproofyourstyle.

CLEAR Dandruff-Proof Style by Bruno's Barbers are available in the following branches:

Cebu (Ayala Center)
Greenbelt 1
Glorietta 3
CDO (Centrio Mall)
Salcedo Village
Robinsons Magnolia
Alabang Town Center
Legaspi Village
Mall of Asia
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Robinsons Galleria
Marquee Mall

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