Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Japan is one of those countries I've always wanted to visit for the longest time but haven't gotten to because of work. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Ghibli Museum and of course, cherry blossoms would be at the top of my priorities when that time comes. I'm actually gonna be experiencing the latter for the first time when I go to Seoul this spring but still, it would be nice if it's in Japan. Oh well, at least there's the Saucony Tokyo Pack to look forward to this April 1. The Kinvara 7 has cherry blossoms printed all over its body and what do you know? A Japanese guy designed it.
The Tokyo Kinvara 7 (Php5,995) gets a Japanese-style makeover with the country's well-known spring icon, the Sakura or cherry blossom which has a special meaning in Japanese culture because of its fragility and beauty. The distinctive blossoms appear alongside some bright green embellishments, heralding the lush, new foliage of spring. The dark blue hue on the sides of each shoe act as a nod to Japan's traditional art of indigo dyeing, while the Sakura design continues inside appearing on the insoles.
When Saucony asked Japanese artist Toshikazu Noasaka to design shoes to commemorate the Tokyo Marathon, the only Asian race in the highly celebrated World Marathon Majors, he brilliantly conveyed Japanese heritage through this Special Edition Tokyo Pack.

His vision for two of Saucony's popular models, the Kinvara and the DXN trainer, includes "Sakura" or cherry blossoms (above photo) and a great wave, in shades of black, white and silver (below).
The Tokyo DXN Trainer retails for Php4,995 and features Nozaka's original wave design which expresses passion and forward motion, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese prints created in the early 1800s while the background scale design represents rebirth in Japanese culture. Nozaka's background in tattoo artistry shines through in the design, with its bold curves and intricate inlay.
Limited pairs of the Tokyo Pack DXN Trainer and Kinvara 7 will be exclusively released online at on April 1, 12MN and at the Saucony Retail Store, Level 2 of Glorietta 3 (Kinvara 7 only) also on April 1, 2016.

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