Friday, October 14, 2016


Lunch at a floating restaurant? Dinner in the dark? Now those pale in comparison to dining with zombies! Yes, you read that right. For a limited time only, you can now dine with "tamed" zombies at your beck and call.

This is part of TriNoma's efforts in coming up with exciting new twists for their annual food campaign. For this year, it's Choose Your Own Food Adventure! Remember the book series? Now this one is edible.

(Open daily from 12nn to 8pm until October 30, 2016 only)

Hungry for something new? Located at the Level 1 Garden Restaurants is the Zombie Outbreak Diner, a safe post-apocalyptic base camp. The diner is a place for customers to have a unique dining experience with TriNoma's resident zombies. As you take a seat and enjoy your meal, expect to see zombies roaming around, serving you food, or just simply giving you a good scare.
  1. Order a minimum of Php 200 worth from the available food menus at the registration booth at Level 1 Garden Restaurants per person to be granted entrance in the Zombie Outbreak Diner.
  2. Payment should be done at the registration booth.
  3. After placing your order, you can enter the Zombie Outbreak diner and have an exciting experience living and dining with zombies.
  4. Your order will be delivered to you within 30 minutes.
Starting October 15, Saturday, the Zombie Outbreak Diner will be having special events every weekend - one being the "WHODUNNIT: A Crime Solving Game". Here's a not-so-little sneak peek:

You can go solo or take the more fun route, with a group, in helping solve the crime. Part of solving the crime is interrogating the characters but in order for you do so, you need to accomplish some tasks from the four training modules. Like this one where you need to gather the red balls aka "resources" in less than 2 minutes.

Or this one where you need to knock down the zombies using an air gun within a minute.

There were two more which I forgot to document but the most exciting was the one wherein you need to break out of a locked cage in less than two minutes. The most challenging part is you get to do it while a zombie is inside the cage with you.

Now, let's meet some of the characters!
Acting: intense
This guy, the Supreme Leader, is quite intimidating. Good luck interrogating him.
The police, also, the host.
The girl (with the scarf) is the daughter of the killed Lead Research Scientist of the base camp, Dr. Francis Ramon, and the semi-bald guy was her former lover.
Here's Pax using her charm to get some answers.
Pax: Look at me naman while I'm tallking, Beshie.
To help you solve the crime, clues are scattered everywhere.

You will also be needing some serious deciphering (and Sudoku!) skills.

Wanna know who killed the doctor? Well it's for you to find out! Visit the Zombie Outbreak Cafe until October 30 only.

Say hello to the volunteers who helped solve the crime.

If zombies are not your thing, then there's PAWS Pet Cafe!

(Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 2pm to 6pm until October 20, 2016 only)

Located at Level 3 near Powerbooks is the PAWS Pet Cafe - a rustic barn setup where the Philippines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) brings their most adorable dogs and cats to spend a fun, furry afternoon with customers.

To enter the PAWS Pet Cafe, customers will just have to order a snack, dessert, or a drink from the available menus at the registration area near the entrance.
  1. Order a dessert or drink from the available drink and dessert menus or purchase a minimum amount of Php 150 of any Purina Alpo, Friskies or Beggin at the registration booth at Level 3 near Powerbooks to be granted entrance in the PAWS Pet Cafe.
  2. Payment should be done at the registration booth.
  3. After placing your order, you can enter the PAWS Pet Cafe and hang out with all the adorable dogs and cats of Philippine Animal Welfare Society.
  4. Your order will be delivered to you within 20 minutes.

This one is for all the food lovers who are up for a challenge to find the best eats in TriNoma. How does it work? Foodies will have to complete all challenges found on the the Foodie's Quest page of the Choose Your Own Food Adventure map. For every complete challenge, customers will have to present the purchase receipt indicating their order at TriNoma's Main Concierge (Level 1 near Activity Center) to mark the challenge done.

Once all the challenges are completed, customers may claim their prize and even get a chance to win Php 1,000 gift certificates from chosen restaurants in TriNoma.
  1. Complete the Foodie's Quest challenges from September 30 to October 30, 2016.
  2. Present your purchase receipt indicating the order you made that would complete a challenge on the Foodie's Quest at Level 1 Main Concierge. The concierge will mark the challenge done and you can proceed to completing the other challenges.
  3. Customers must present their completed Foodie's Quest Challenge at Level 1 Main Concierge to redeem their tumbler. Customers are also entitled to the pick-a-prize draw and get a chance to win of the following instant prizes:
  4. Redemption period shall be until 60 days from end of the promo period.
  5. TriNoma reserves the right to validate receipts. Receipts that are defaced, crumpled, tampered, photocopied and smaller than the actual size will not be honored.
For more information, like TriNoma Ayala Malls on Facebook and follow @ilovetrinoma on Instagram and @trinomatweets on Twitter.

Bonus Choose Your Own Food Adventure hack: Get three (3) stamps/marks on your Foodie's Quest page! Here's how:
1. Dine at the Zombie Outbreak Diner.
2. Order from Hukad. You have to include in your order any size of Crispy Pata.
3. Finish your meal with a medium (or large) Frozen Yoghurt at Red Mango.

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  1. Unexpected adventure, haha! Had fun with you guys! :)