Saturday, April 15, 2017


Admit it. With all the choices Axe has been offering us guys, I'm sure that you're kinda confused as to what to get for your personal style. Yes, style and scent go hand in hand. I myself got confused as to which Axe scent, Gold or Black, (it was Gold) will go well with a formal look I was sporting back then when the latter was released. My solution? Get all, or at least the three I'm featuring here on the blog.

Believe me, there are three kinds of style for every guy out there and with that, three Axe Fragrances to go along with it.

Here's a simple guide I made for you to try.

AXE GOLD for a formal look. Think suits and black tie events. For this set, I'd wear this with a navy suit.
Axe Gold + Edwin watch + Frank monk-strap leather shoes + socks with Argyle pattern
Now, for my personal favorite.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Unlike most people, I lost weight over the holidays. The secret? I got sick. Long story short, I now look lousy in my size small shirts that's why I decided to buy at least a couple of right-fitting shirts to last me until I get my "normal" size back.

F&F was one of the first brands I considered because I know for a fact the quality and fit of their clothes. I should know because I was there during the opening of their first store in Glorietta (I couldn't pass up the Superman t-shirt and shorts set). I was lucky enough to visit their store during their End of Season Sale a couple of days ago and saw a lot of choices...
DSCF7881 my current size, too! I fit XS now.

Aside from the style and the quality, what I really like about the clothes at F&F is its affordability! Take the discount from the sale off and I can still take 3-4 shirts home with my Php3,000. How much more if you put the discount back? Visit them this weekend and see these many choices.