Thursday, June 29, 2017


It's that time of the year once again which I and my brothers also call our bonding time -TOYCON! But unlike the previous conventions which featured mostly toys and the opportunity to grow your collections, cosplayers, gamers, etc., 2017's TOYCON is nothing short of the usual as they partnered with Pop Life Entertainment to create the ultimate Fan experience for the Filipino pop-culture fans once again.

This year the TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE 2017 takes it up a notch higher and promises bigger entertainment and a whole new playground for the digital generation.

Aside from seeing Liza Soberano, here are some of the event highlights which I'm excited about for this year's Toycon Pop Life FanXperience:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I know I've seen a video of these two brands showcasing their competitive spirits against each other online and my initial reaction was, "Wow! the efforts of these brands are just amazing!" It was funny (and cute at the same time) and I can't help but feel proud as a consumer that they're doing it all to promote their respective brands. At least I know the money I'll be spending on their phones will not just go for the actual phone itself but also, for their promotions. And to think both smartphone brands are not that expensive! I really have big respect for brands who advertise.

Let's put the spotlight on the Vivo V5s.

The new Vivo V5s trumps its competitors within the same price range in terms of photo quality and camera specifications, improved selfie tools, and new features like the Groufie or Group Selfie technology.
With a slew of smartphone brands vying for the patronage of tech-savvy Filipinos and inveterate selfie enthusiasts, top five premium global brand1 Vivo has sprinted past the competition with its “perfect selfie” V5 line, the latest of which is the Vivo V5s. Priced at only P14,990 but loaded with features that are not found in its competitors, the V5s is turning out to be the best smartphone deal vis-à-vis other brands in the same price range.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


And I'm happy about it. Obviously.
Photo from Ed Uy of
There are two hotels I frequent every time I visit Boracay. They're both located at Station 2 and somehow, near each other. Well technically, everything is near in Boracay if we are talking about the distances of the 3 stations to each other.

Now I prefer the other hotel if I'm with a small group of 2 - 3. But for big groups like families, Azalea Boracay is the perfect choice! For sure, there's one or two in your family or group of friends who know how to cook because that will help you save a lot. Let's start with that.

There are a lot of restaurants near Azalea Boracay where you can dine at. There's even a Kuya J inside it if you're craving for a Crispy Pata, among other things. But one of the best things for me about the hotel is it's just a 5-minute walk from D'Talipapa where you can buy fresh seafoods and have it cooked at a reasonable price. But if you prefer to save that extra dough from the "paluto" for your late night drinking (I'm not endorsing this) or water activities, then just buy the ingredients and cook it with your group at your suite in Azalea. Your apartment suite comes with a complete set of cookware and dining set so you're pretty much covered.

Sounds good?

Monday, June 12, 2017


I'm gonna be honest that I'm not a big fan of selfies. Go follow me on Instagram (shameless plug -hehe) so that I can prove it to you.

I don't do selfies for the sole reason that I don't do it well. And I find it kinda late in the game for me to start doing so. Let's just leave it to the ones who started doing selfies long before the selfie term was even coined.

Now even though that's the case (me not doing selfies), I appreciate smart phone brands that keep on innovating their features such as their cameras -more specifically, by leveling up the 'selfie game' like the Vivo V5s.
In addition to its high-end camera features and advanced selfie tools. the Vivo V5s brandishes an elegant and sleek design with slimmer bezels and finer details, with the U-shape cover lines making the back cover look even more premium.
I know I've mentioned myself not doing selfies but hey, Stephen Curry does it. Maybe I can try.